touched [24 hours writing competition]

It's the year 4078. Technology has overcome the human race, and the world is dying. The time has come for the one thing untouched by man, to be touched.


5. Chapter 4.

        Morning comes too soon. With no sun, or birds to wake us, alarms ring through the silent tunnel, waking every living creature within a mile. Which, I'm sure, isn't very many. 

       We continue the process from yesterday, walking, pausing if necessary, and than after twelve hours, stopping for the night, for many days. I can't even remember what day it is any more. 

       Brace and Uncle tried talking to me, but often I ignored them, to annoyed to care.

        Then the moles came.

         Don't be fooled by their blindness. We made that mistake. And it cost us dearly.

         They're evil they are. They came when we weren't expecting it, trailing us, squealing like rodents do. 

         Then our food started disappearing. Our precious, limited supply of meals, slowly disappearing one by one. 

         At first we didn't put the two and two together. The people on watch every night reported nothing, not one sign of movement or life. So, we realized that it had to be happening during the day.

         Then we turned on each other, accusing one after the other that they had stolen the food. Too caught up in our worries to notice that the amount of moles were growing by the day and that they wouldn't leave us alone.

         Then brilliant Lorc spotted a long ratty tail poking out from under the tarp and we discovered the nest. 

         Those sniveling creatures had been stealing our food! There must have been hundred of them in the tarp, eating away at our fruits and vegetables. 

         We finally got rid of them, with barely enough food for everyone to have one meal per day. 

         We were desperate, miserable, hungry and angry. But things only went downhill from there. . .

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