touched [24 hours writing competition]

It's the year 4078. Technology has overcome the human race, and the world is dying. The time has come for the one thing untouched by man, to be touched.


4. Chapter 3.

        Dark. My sense of sight has completely abandoned me in the narrow hole, that leads straight downward. 

       "Head lamps on!" My uncle calls from somewhere ahead. I immediately flick mine on, and a blinding yellow light appears in front of me, bobbing in movement with my head. 

        Everyone is moving in a single-file line, following the rumble of Breean and Fed. 

        As we trek on, I'm aware of how cold it's getting. Ren keeps calling out depth every five minutes, announcing how deep in the earth we are and how much farther we have to go. 

        Soon, I'm pulling out a jacket, my breath crystallizing in front of me with every deep intake of breath. 

        Every once and a while I'll check my watch to make sure life times haven't passed while we've been in here. One hour, two. Three, four. Six, nine. Every once in a while we'll stop and drink, or eat but it's only ever brief.

        Panting soon echoes off the inside of the cave, each rasping sound escaping the mouth of every person in the tunnel. 

       When we reach twelve hours, my uncle calls for sleep. The digger turns off and Breean and Fed emerge, not even tired, while the rest of us are drenched in sweat and panting like our lives deepened on it. Which, in a way, they do. 

        I remove my back from my drenched shoulders and pull out my thick blankets and my small pillow, while others start a fire.

       Relaxing, I lay my wet head on my pillow, to exhausted to even try to do any of my night time necessities. 

        My uncle puts Breean on watch and the rest of us black out immediately. But, the last thing I remember before falling asleep, was how much I missed the stars shining millions of years above. 

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