Journey Upstairs

Love survives after death


1. One

Alyssa opened her eyes and found herself in an unfamiliar place laying on the ground. She sat up looking around. Where was she ? The last thing she remembers is Mark her fiance driving the car. They were on their way to her mother's house, and then the sound of breaking glass.  Shortly after that someone saying " Hang in there sweetie, we're almost to the hospital. ": This didn't look or sound like a hospital. It was  too peaceful and where were the doctors and nurses ? Alyssa stood up. " Hello " , she called. No answer. She started walking and as she did things started coming into focus. A path formed beneath her feet as she continued to walk She began to realise where she was. It was a place that she and Mark often went on picnics together. No one else knew about this spot. How did she end up here ? She walked into the clearing where they usually sat by the lake and she could see a picnic blanket and basket on the ground. Then she heard a voice behind her. " Ready to eat  ? " It was Mark. He took her hand and walked her over to the blanket. Alyssa was confused. " How did we get here Mark ?. " she asked. Mark looked at her and asked " What do you remember ?  " Alyssa thought for a moment. " A car ran a stop sign, but how did we get here ? " Mark smiled at her " When you die your  life really does flash before your eyes. " Alyssa sat there stunned for a moment before she answered. " Am I dead ? " Mark smiled at her again. " I have something to tell you before you go. I love you, Alyssa, I always have. Things are going to be hard for awhile but eventually you'll move on and find someone new. "  Alyssa started to cry " What are you talking about Mark ? I don't understand. " He takes her hand " I didn't make it Alyssa. This is one of my favorite moments in my life, not yours. You have to go back now and rebuild your life" He kisses her and suddenly Alyssa finds herself in a hospital room surrounded by her and Mark's family. She holds her hand out towards Mark's mother and begins to sob. " He's gone, isn't he ? " His mother looks at first surprised then takes Alyssa's hand and begins to cry herself.

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