The Flame

The Angels took everything from Sanji. And now she will take it back from them. Her journey from a child to the leader of a disaster.


5. The Tinder


That was the only word that could be used to describe Avalon.

Avalon was a single building- the size of a small town. Everything was decorated with gold and silver. Precious gems adorned every surface. Graceful sweeping towers stretched towards the skies, and beautiful arches were everywhere. There was no way any human being could have constructed the building. It was impossible. 

In fact, it had been designed by angels, and crafted by human slaves. That had been during the days of the reform- when the angels had taken over, and become dictators.

While others regarded this building with awe, Sanji saw the hard work that the human workers had put into it. She saw the cracking whips of the angels. She saw the cruelty and the hatred, and anger filled her heart. 

"Let's end this," she hissed. 

A growl of assent came from behind her. Sanji glanced back, with a firm expression. Behind her stood decades of the angel's cruelty. Behind her stood a desire for revenge. Behind her stood the rebellion.

Orders were given through quiet whispers. They were divided into three teams. Sanji led the most dangerous part- the group that would lead the attack, and give the other groups time to do their work. 

She approached the main doors of Avalon with a brazen confidence. She paused for a moment, studying the doors. They were so beautiful. Yet so cold. Like the eyes of the angel that day...

Sanji let her eyes slip shut. She could see Kadai before her. She had begged the angels that day. Now they would beg her. She would have her revenge. Finally.

Her eyes snapped open. "Now."

She tried the door. Unlocked. As planned. It had been sabotaged by one of their members- one that worked in Avalon itself. That was the angels' weakness- they were arrogant and confident. In fact, they were overconfident, even. 

Sanji strode forwards. In her hand was a knife- the same kind of weapon that she had used to kill her first angel. Now, she would kill many more.

At first, their group strode forwards unchecked. There were no sounds- until suddenly a horrible screeching cry rose up from somewhere in the building. 

The men and women around her faltered, but Sanji kept walking forwards. "Do not fear," she whispered. "Our diversion is working. Now let us march to victory."

Sanji waited for someone to break and run, but no one did. A confident smile crossed her face. Tonight, the angels would meet their downfall. At her hands. 

"Come," she whispered. 

Again, they moved forwards. And suddenly, they spilled out into a massive room.

Sanji usually wasn't impressed by the beauty of the angels, but this took her breath away. The room was entirely white marble. Silver statues ringed the room- each one impossibly detailed. But the real masterpiece was the center of the room.

When Sanji had first heard about the precious jewel of the angels, she assumed it was exaggerated. Surely it wouldn't be so big and so grand. But... it was. 

The gem was a massive diamond- nearly as tall as Sanji herself was. It glowed with an indescribable radiance- lighting up the entire room, including the silver statues. Warily, Sanji approached one, and touched it lightly. It was strangely warm. 

She studied it with sudden wariness. There was something wrong about it. It was so detailed... too detailed.

Her eyes widened with horror and disgust. "No..."


"They're people," she whispered. "Frozen in silver."

"Do you like them?"

Sanji spun, her knife whipping around. But it was already too late.

The angels. Where did they come from?!

The one who had spoken was male. Like all the others, he had perfectly chiseled features and black eyes. But... his face... it was familiar. It brought back memories of that day in the hut... 

Sanji squeezed her eyes shut. Kadai- telling her to run. That horrible, cruel angel. And then the silver blood running down the blade of the knife.

The angels surrounded the group. The men and women that had been eager to fight minutes before were terrified. The angels sweeped through them- ignoring them, except to disarm them. They approached the center. Approached Sanji.

She gripped her knife tightly, eyes flicking back and forth. If I am to die, then I will take them out with me. 

"No surrendering?" the angel murmured. Sanji felt his cold eyes on her, and shuddered. Angels were merciless. They would kill her slowly and painfully- but she had to hold out. 

"No," she growled. "If you kill me, I will take some of you with me."

"I don't think so."

The dagger jerked away from her hand, and clattered across the floor. Sanji's eyes widened with shock. She had heard about the strange powers of the angels, but had never expected... well... this.

Then she herself was thrown back. Her head cracked against the marble floor, and the world went black. Her last thought was, I have failed.

I'm sorry, Kadai.

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