The Flame

The Angels took everything from Sanji. And now she will take it back from them. Her journey from a child to the leader of a disaster.


7. The End

Power flooded through Sanji's veins. She glowed with a golden radiance. Her eyes widened with shock. She was alive. And she had the power of the angels.

It felt amazing.

And in that instant, she chose. She chose to destroy the angels, using their own power.

She let it loose.


Sanji watched the fires burn. How could she have known that with the angels gone, humans had nothing to protect them? How could she have known that world would burn like this? What had led her to make this choice?

Those that had followed her were dead. Those that she loved had been killed.

And she had doomed the human race.

Sanji sobbed into the night. She had taken the angels power for herself- but had paid the cost. The world was burning. She had caused devastation and destruction. All for revenge. 

I'm sorry, Kadai. This isn't what you would have wanted. 

I took the power. I must help them.

I must save them.

Save them... 



**NOTE: This may become a full story later on- I will either go back and describe events in more detail, or go on to what happens next.**

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