Beat up

Ethan Thomas Gallagher has never been a pussy. He's hardcore, a first class badass. Until Pete Nelson comes along and fucks up E.T's already fucked up life. And that's just the start.



1. Welcome to purgatory!

Ethan has never and will never be a morning person. He's never home, but when he swings by late at night he stays in bed for days. Only in the summer, naturally. In the school year he's up at 6. "E.T! " He rolls around and open his eyes. His identical twin-brother is looking down on him. He squints: "Fuck of you fucking fag. " Ian rolls his eyes, knowing that Ethan would never say stuff like that to hurt him. No one was more protective than Ethan when it came to his siblings. "Child protective services. They're taking us. Get your shitty ass out of bed. "

Ethan rubs his eyes and yawns: "Throw over a tank, will ya? Maybe some shorts are appropriate. " Ian does as he says, and Ethan pulls on the clothes and some sneakers. "Do we know why? " Ian pulls him up and shakes his head. Ethan rolls his eyes. Not anything new. Their parents are skrewups, and so are they. No surprise. He throws some clothes in a backpack. They follow each other down the staircase. Lip's already in the van with the others.

The social workers raises her eyebrows at him: "And you must be Ethan Thomas Gallagher? " He stretches his arms above his head and sends the lady a cocky smile: "If ya say so, ma'am. " He jumps into the van, next to his younger brother. I'd been ages since they were last taken by CPS. His brothers and he were placed at this psycho foster family. I'd been over in a couple days, so it was tolerable. Lip and Ian was ranting about who were being placed where, but Ethan was too busy staring out the window. He honestly did not have the time to do this. He had to get up in a some hours, as soon as the sun went down. Everything interesting happened at night, that's just how it was. Still is.

Ethan looks up at his twin: "Wait, are we going to a group home this time? Is that what she said? " Ian nods. Ethan raises his eyebrows and the smirk disappears. Ian looks concerned too. A group home? He'd heard the stories. About what happened there to people like his brother. Like him. He was the first to leave the room. He plants a kiss on his little sister Debbie and his brother Liam. Then he looks into his brother Carl's eyes: "You better take care of Junior, alright? And yourself. Or I'll fucking kill ya. Love ya. " Some hugs and sweet words later the van's gone and Lip's leading the way to the group home. Ethan grins and throws his arms around his brothers: "Welcome to purgatory, ya faggots. "

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