Beat up

Ethan Thomas Gallagher has never been a pussy. He's hardcore, a first class badass. Until Pete Nelson comes along and fucks up E.T's already fucked up life. And that's just the start.



15. Fuck us, man.

"I can't believe dad did this shit. The new face of the gay rights movement? What the actual fuck, who does that? " Lip shrugs. Ethan grabs to red papercups with wine: "I'm going up, toss over some chocolate, Deb. " With chocolate and alcohol he feel like he can face his brother. Ian's facing the wall, lying on a bag of frozen peas. His tears are silent, but Ethan can sense that they're there.

"Ian? " He closes the door behind him. Ian doesn't: "I brought fancy booze. " Ian stretches out his arm. Ethan hands him a cup. He empties it and Ethan gives him the other one. His twin turns around with a bruised face and puffy eyes. "Hey bro, what's going on? " Ian sits up, holding the ice to his eye: "Mickey let some steam out. Fag-bashing is his all time favourite hobby. " Ethan breaks off a piece of chocolate and hands it to him. "Mickey did this? I'll kick his ass- " He dumps down on Ian's bed: "You? Fat chance. Also, I asked him to do it. I just wanted him to admit it. "

Ethan pulls the younger twin into a tight hug: "Dude, I know how much you love Mickey. I'm sorry he doesn't see that. " Ian buries his head in Ethan's shoulder. "He's getting married, E. To a woman. Why is this happening to me? Why is this happening to us. " Ethan carefully stoked his shoulder: "Gallaghers have it harder. But we don't complain. Well, Frank does. " Ian laughs. "I'll go with you, to the wedding. If you want me to. Mick's a good friend. Uhm- sorry- " Ian shrugs: "Don't walk on eggshells. I know that he's one of your best friends. " Ian pads his back: "Fuck us, man. " They laugh together

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