Greek Goddess And The Sex God

Moving in with my brother's best friend can't go wrong, right? Gloxxifi 2016. All Rights Reserved. All Content. Luke Hemmings Fanfiction.


2. Prologue


"Hello?" The voice spoke on the other end of the line. 

"Hello." I replied annoyed that Little Sunshine made me do it in the first place. She decided it would be a fun tradition for us.   

"Who are you?" The male voice spoke again.

I looked at my friend and decided to give him her name since I ain't doing that shit. Last time I did gave my name to the person on the other end of the like I got stalked. It was hella creepy. She is just getting payback cause she made me do it in the first place.

"Luna." I said and Little Sunshine over here gave me a death glare too bad it doesn't work on me. I gave her the finger.

"Look I don't have time for your bullshit, I don't know how you got my number and delete this number. If you are one of those girls that I slept with I don't care for your sorry ass." He spoke and he hung up. Talk about rude.

"I can't believe you told him my name." She said crossing her arms and giving me a pout and to add the cherry to the top of the cake she pulled the puppy eyes on me. 

"Stop doing that." I told her cause she knows I can't handle her puppy eyes. They are so cute and she knows puppies are my weakness since I never had one. My brother Face Palm also has a weakness for dogs. Little Sunshine learn about my weakness pretty fast since she is my best friend. 

Back in Australia I didn't have any friends and my brother Face Palm used be there for me but since I went to boarding school in England, I had to start over and then I ended up getting a room with Little Sunshine and it was the bad thing that ever happened but sadly this is my senior year and when I graduate I am going back to Australia. 

"Greek?" She said waiting for my response. 

"Hmm." The perfect answer. I know right.

"Do you want pizza?" I gave her a are U kidding me look. Like what the actual fudge do I look like I hate pizza. I don't think so now give me pizza woman. 

"I should've known." She said before sighing. 

I nodded before replying. "Like hell you should've."

"What am I going to do without you next year?" 

You see Little Sunshine is actually British and when she graduates she is going to stay in England. Did you expect that? Didn't think so. That's right bitches I am the best. Well along with Face Palm and Little Sunshine.

"I know I am going to miss you too." I told her and I pulled her in for a hug. Like a teddy bear.

"We are going to visit each other right and keep in touch?" She asked before pulling away from our heartwarming hug. 

"Definitely. Now get my pizza woman." She laughed before ordering our pizza.

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