Greek Goddess And The Sex God

Moving in with my brother's best friend can't go wrong, right? Gloxxifi 2016. All Rights Reserved. All Content. Luke Hemmings Fanfiction.


4. [2] Rules

Chapter 2: Rules

Luke aka Princess POV
I have to admit Athena looks beautiful but Calum told me to keep it in my pants so I will. I don't wanna lose my best friend just because I couldn't stop myself from going after his sister.  

After Calum left and Hena disappeared in her room. I decided we needed to go over some house or apartment rules.

I knocked on her door and waited for her answer. "Come in." I opened the door to reveal Hena bent over unpacking her luggage but also giving me a good view over her ass. She stood up straight and turned around.

"I just wanted to go over some rules." "Like what?" "I know Calum told you about me and my hook ups." She nodded. "If I bring a girl over don't cock block me." She laughed what is so funny about it. "As long as you don't give me a reason I won't." What is that supposed to mean. 

"Stay away from my food if it has my name on it don't eat or drink it but somethings we can share. When you know what to eat and what not I will stop with the marking." She nodded. "Let's see don't go in my room with me knowing. I think that is about wait we switched turns on cooking, dishes and laundry." 

"That's fine by me but I have a few rules by myself don't walk around the apartment  naked. I don't wanna see girls around the apartment, bra and underwear can but not naked. They don't eat me food. If you have a girl over don't be so loud I don't want to hear it. Don't be so loud in general I don't want to be disturbed if I am studying. " She said, makes sense.

"I think that covers it for now." I said she nodded. "Waif I have one to add, also don't go in my room without me knowing." "By the way nice ass." I told her and I walked out of the room. 

Athena aka Greek POV
Did he just told me I have a nice ass. I walked out the room looking for Luke. "Luke?" "Kitchen." He replied. "Do you have a key for me?" "It's by the other keys." "And where is that?" "By the front door." I walked to the door followed by Luke. "It's this one." He told me and gave me the key.

Athena POV
"Can I have your number?" He raised his brow. "Don't flatter yourself big boy if I ever need you for something." "Gimme your phone." He commended and I obeyed. I gave him my phone unlocked. 

I feel exposed I hope he doesn't take advantage of me right now since he hold my life in his hand. Not a minute later he give me his phone back. 

I looked at his contact he named himself Sex God. "Luke, what is your last name?" "Hemmings why?" "Just wondering what the full name of my roommates is in case something happens." He shrugged 

So I changed his name to Princess . I smirked. I texted him.

To Princess | send 17:34
When's dinner?

He looks at me after reading it. "Really?" I nodded. "We can get take out?" "What kind?" "I don't know, Chinese, pizza, sushi?" "Pizza." "On you." He stated. "Fine but next time it's on you."

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