Greek Goddess And The Sex God

Moving in with my brother's best friend can't go wrong, right? Gloxxifi 2016. All Rights Reserved. All Content. Luke Hemmings Fanfiction.


3. [1] Surprise Surprise

Chapter 1: Surprise Surprise 

That little bastard stood me up, I have been waiting for three hours and he won't pick up. So I called a cab stupid fucker. I'll assure you he won't know the end of it.

When I got there I rang the doorbell and a tall blond boy with piercing blue eyes opened the door. "Does Calum Hood live here?" "Yes, but-" He spoke but I shoved him aside when I walked passed him. "You can't just enter someone's apartment like that." I turned around. "Watch me." I said and I gave him a wink and continued walking in a search for that little bastard. 

I found him on the couch playing FIFA can you believe it fucking FIFA. "Are you out of you goddamn mind." I yelled. Calum jumped from the sudden outburst. I stared at him wide eyed making him uncomfortable.

Calum aka Face Palm POV
"I-I-" "Forgot to pick me up? Forgot that I was coming? Forgot that you have a sister?" "The first one." I said shamefully. "How can you forget me, I called you yesterday." She said madly. "It slipped my mind." "Where am I staying or did that 'slipped your mind' too." "That I haven't. Mike I will be right back to kick your sorry ass." I told Mike who was losing the game. I hope he doesn't cheat. 

"Ready?" I asked my dear sister. "Yes." She said with a duh tone in her voice. I walked to the door followed by Hena. I opened the door only to see her luggage. I shake my head not being unseen by my dear sister. "What, I wanted to make my big entrance." I shake my head once again. I hope Luke can keep his dick is his pants. I know many people think my sister is attractive and I don't want her to be one of his many girls.

I picked up her luggage and walked to the apartment three doors further. I unlocked the door with the key Luke gave me. I put her luggage in the hallway. "This is it." I told her. She walked further to the living room and she took her surroundings in. 

"So who is the guy I am living with?" She asked. "That will be me." Luke said that made our heads turn towards the door where he was leaning against. 

Athena aka Greek POV
"Luke." He told me. Can't he say something like 'my name is Luke.' or something like 'I am Luke.' Not only Luke. Calum told me over the phone that Luke was quite the player. 

"Athena but don't call me that call me Hena." I said. "Already Hena, are you just going stand there or do you want to get settled." "Lead the way, woman." His face expression changed fast from smirking to a blank expression. "Did you just call me women?" "Yes I did, now show me my room peasant." Calum chuckled before speaking up. 

"Don't mind her goofiness, she call everyone a different name. She calls me Face Palm." A smile appeared on Luke's face. "Really?" He said turning to me. "Why face palm." "Well you know Cal Pal and Pal with a M is Palm and Calum sometimes makes me wanna face palm so hard so Calum is Face Palm. You know." Luke nodded.

You see there are people out there who understand Hena logic. "I told you some people understand my logic." I told Palmie. "I am sure Luke is just pretending to understand your 'logic'." He said. 

I turn to Luke who took this as a offend and he puts his hand over his heart and pretends to be hurt. "I would never."

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