6. Trains

I hate it when people talk on trains, I think, fumbling for my headphones through my blue rucksack. Especially because the conversations most people have are just so boring. Voices are usually along the lines of 'Do you have some food?' or 'Are we there yet?'. 

I plug my headphones in rather angrily, only to remind myself why I am here. Taking a deep breath, I grab my phone, pull back the grey curtains and reach to throw it out of the window. 

"What are you doing?"

I blink slowly. I was ridding myself of technology. What was the point- when there was so much to do and so much to see. My phone was merely a distraction from the bigger picture. I wanted to see everything for real not while trying to take a picture of it; I want to listen to music live, not through a recording. 

But the person wouldn't understand because they don't know why I have given up with modern life and society. They don't know what I don't want to think about. 

"Nothing," I lie, pushing my hair behind my ear, "Just stretching." 



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