Just Your Personal Maid

Sofia was only in highschool but needed some extra cash. To keep her and her and her brother alive. Sofia and her brother lost their parents at a yound age. Sofia was only 14 and her brother was only 8. Her aunts and uncles did help her out. But when she turned 18, they kicked her and her brother out cause they said she wasn't young anymore and that she dan take care of her and her brother. Sofia looked for a job an eventually came across a job. A job with a boss that was a big-headed, famou and a complete arrogant jerk. His name was Harry Styles and he was a member of One Direction. The band took a break so that each member could finish their studies even for just highschool. Since Harry was new again for school, he needed a maid to help him. A personal maid. That's where Mark helped Sofia get the job. While doing her job, she found him arrogant an rude, which sofia hated to death. But, the longer she kept her job, they more they felt like she was doing something else than a job.


15. Chapter 12

Sofia's POV

Once Louis and I got back to the classroom, Ms. Priolo was already there. Oh no, this CANNOT mean any good

" Ms. Hilvano and Mr. Tomlinson, why are you two late? " she asked while raising an eyebrow at us

" Uh, we got lost " Louis said and I mentally slapped him. That was a horrible excuse. Ofcourse Ms. Priolo would find a way through that excuse

" Oh really Mr. Tomlinson. Alright, explain to us why your bags are here if you two got lost " she asked and I looked at Louis. He needed to come up with a great excuse or we'll both be in trouble because of me. I'm horrible at lying

" I brought their bags here. Louis wanted to see the library because he loves books and since Sofia was an expert in books, she went with Louis and I guess they got a little carried away with reading " Harry said. Wait, did Harry just basically save us? He didn't, did he?

" Alright, I'm letting this pass, but only once. If I catch you two late in my class again, you will be written up. It won't be good for any of you, especially for you Sofia. Three writes up and your chances of being the valedictorian may decrease " Ms. Priolo warned while me and Louis just nodded and returned to our seats. Louis moved to the seat next to me, which isn't a provlem

" Alright so, can anybody tell me what's the different between a Secant line and a Tangent line? " Ms. Priolo asked and I raised my hand

" Yes, Ms. Hilvano? " she asked and I stood up

" Um ma'am, a Secant line meets a Sphere at one point while a Tangent line meets a Sphere at two points " I said and she nodded as a yes

" Now, can anyone tell me why it's a Sphere and not a Circle? " she asked and I didn't raise my hand. I usually wait until the next question before raising my hand again. Even if I know the answer

" Yes, Mr. Styles " she said and Harry stood up. Wow, he actually knew the answer

" Because, we're gonna study about 3 Dimensional shapes today? " he answered, though it came out more of a question than an answer

" Good try Mr. Styles, but it's not quite correct. Can anyone else tell me why we use a Sphere and not a Circle? " she asked and I decided to raise my hand this time " Yes, Ms. Hilvano again " she said and I stood up

" We use Sphere because it has a radius, chord and many others while a Circle doesn't have a radius, chord or others " I said and she nodded

" Very good, now, please open your textbook to page 50 " she said while we opened our textbooks

" Pssst " Louis called to me making me face him " Nice one " he complimented making me smile

" Thanks " I replied before facing all my attention on Ms. Priolo who discussed more things about Geometry

~~At Lunch~~

" Harr- I mean Mr. Styles, can I talk to you? " I asked him while we headed to lunch

" How about no? " he asked coldly making me groan

" C'mon, it's important " I basically begged making him sigh and give in

" What is it? " he asked in an irritated voice

" Why did you help us out? " I asked and he squinted his eyes at me " I mean, why did you make up an excuse so we wouldn't get in trouble? " I asked and he made a 'pfft' sound

" Whatever, I did it for Louis. You were just there so I had to count you in. It was for Louis, not you. I mean, why would I help you? " he asked making me really mad

I should've known! He would never help me because he's too cold hearted! He's a jerk and I hate him! Why does he have to he like this?! What did I do to him?!


Hey guys! Sorry if this is a pretty boring chapter. Anyway, please give me your feedback and please like and favorite this movella and also fan me. ILYGSM!

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