As Your Bestfriend

Sofia Hilvano and Harry Styles were bestmates since primary school. Their parents were bestfriends so it was impossible for them not to be. Although they were bestfriends, they never really dated or developed any feelings for each other. They were almost the same, like boy and girl versions of one another. But both were blind to see that. Harry dated tons of girl including her present girlfriend, Taylor Swift. But Taylor was a bit on the jealous side of everything. She was always jealous of how Sofia and Harry bonded, it almost killed her. Anyway, as bestfriends, they needed to support each other, no matter how it killed them. But, could supporting each other in everything make them happy, or hurt becase they know it's not real?


7. Invited

~~The Next Day~~

Sofia's POV

Today, I was again at my studio. I had my very own flat, but I come to my studio early in the morning to get some stuff ready so I could open early, which I was so excited about

I was making some phone calls. I needed to call some workers to renovate the place a bit. After that, I needed to go to the store to pick up some stuff I needed, like curtains, simple hats etc.

I was writting dow the thing I would buy before heading to the store when i got a call from Chloe

" Hey Sof! "- Chloe

" Hey Chloe! What you call for? "- Sofia

" Oh right, well, theres this highschool reunion coming up and I wanted to tell you to help spread the news to all our highschool batch mates "- Chloe

" Oh sure, I'll start with Harry so he could tell the others, what do you say about One Direction performing live? "- Sofia

" I think that's an amzing idea! "- Chloe

" Ok, well, I'll call you a little later, I'll make the calls now "- Sofia

" Sure, thanks "- Chloe

I hung up and smiled, I had a frw friends in highschool, an maybe Chloe

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