As Your Bestfriend

Sofia Hilvano and Harry Styles were bestmates since primary school. Their parents were bestfriends so it was impossible for them not to be. Although they were bestfriends, they never really dated or developed any feelings for each other. They were almost the same, like boy and girl versions of one another. But both were blind to see that. Harry dated tons of girl including her present girlfriend, Taylor Swift. But Taylor was a bit on the jealous side of everything. She was always jealous of how Sofia and Harry bonded, it almost killed her. Anyway, as bestfriends, they needed to support each other, no matter how it killed them. But, could supporting each other in everything make them happy, or hurt becase they know it's not real?


14. Sofia And Pena ( Sena ) ( Sweet ) ( Part 2 )

Sofia's POV

" He's here " I announced to the rest of the girls after reading Pena's text that he wads already outside my flat

" Alright then, get out there " they said and pushed me towards the door making me stumble a bit

" Alright, thanks for everything guys " I said and they nodded

" Hi " I said once I got into Pena's car

" Hi, woah " he said after looking at me " You look beautiful. Just amazing " he said and I blushed

" Thanks " I said before he started driving " So what park are we going to? " I asked and he just smiled at me before he continued driving

" That's a secret. But I'm sure, you'll love it " he said and I just nodded. I do kinda like surprises, but the nice once

~~At The Park~~

" Here we are " he said and I hopped out of his car to see........a beach? This isn't a park. But it was beautiful

" This-This isn't a park " I said and kinda laughed while he looked at me

" I wanted to surprise you. Don't you like it? " he asked and I smiled at him

" I love it! " I said and hugged him REALLY tight " Thank you " I said before letting him go, but his arms were still around my waist

" You're so beautiful " he said and I felt my cheeks getting hot

" Thank you " I replied and he leaned a bit closer

" I like you " he said and my smile reached my ears

" I do too " I replied and he leaned in closer until the space between our faces were none existent anymore. We kissed and it was beautiful, magical and a lot more

Once we separated, our foreheads rested on each other

" Will you, um " he started and I smiled, knowing what he wanted to tell me

" I will " I said and he smiled from ear to ear " I love you " I said and he kissed me again but this time, longer

" C'mon, wanna have some dinner? " he asked and I nodded

" Dinner it is " I replied while we made our way back to his car BMW hand-in-hand

~~To Be Continued~~


Hey guys! I wanted to make this a 3 parts chapter so this is part 2 and I am so sorry if this is a short chapter. Please like and favorite this movella and also please fan me. ILYGSM!

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