I'm just a bad girl (5 seconds of summer)

So your twin brother Calum is going on a tour with his band and you are so excited to come with but what if you fall for one of the bandmates? What if one of them fall for you?


4. Chapter 4

Ally's POV

I wake up at 8:45 and I couldn't even tell myself on how I was so tired

I get up my cozy bed and I start my little morning routine I brush my teeth and all that and put my hair in a ponytail then I put on my black ripped skinny jeans with a Green Day crop top and a pair of converse

I decided to hell with it and put on my lip ring since my belly ring was showing already

I head into the kitchen and get some cereal I sit down at on of the stools and start to eat

I hear some noises in the living room so I decided to go and see what it was

"Oh hey Luk- What.The.Fuck.Are.You.Doing." He quickly pulls his pants up and turns off the tv

I stand there in shock but then slowly back out of the room and go to the kitchen quickly to get some coffee because boy oh boy I fucking need it right now

When I take a sip of my coffee Luke walks in awkwardly so I break the ice by talking "so um you know you have a room and also you have a tv in there so why did you do that in the living room...."

Luke looked down "I thought no one was up and yeah I was um a little you know..."

I bite my tongue from laughing because I know that people can get horny all the time even from just looking at some one so people just fix it by watching well you get the idea

I just sigh and nod then I change the subject "So what did you want to tell me yesterday?"

"Oh um well our opening act for 1D is low on dancers so I was wondering if you could join i-i mean only if you want to because I didn't want you to feel left out you know..." He looked at me nervously

I smiled "I'd love to be a dancer for you guys!"

A smile appears on his face immediately making it completely clear that he was happy

I got up and hugged him he seemed shocked at first but then hugged me back happily

Luke's POV

I was happy that she was going to be a dancer in our show because um well this might sound weird but yesterday night when she went back to her room I peeked through the door and I saw her dancing to her music and I watched her until she fell asleep

I don't know why but deep down it seems like I've known her forever but besides that

I walked into the kitchen and I see Ally sitting down it was awkward moment because of what she just saw but she talked to me normally

Like not awkward or anything and it felt like a good feeling inside like it was a good choice so I just went with it

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