I'm just a bad girl (5 seconds of summer)

So your twin brother Calum is going on a tour with his band and you are so excited to come with but what if you fall for one of the bandmates? What if one of them fall for you?


3. Chapter 3

Ally's POV

I walk out of my room and sit on the couch next to Calum

"Hey buddy " I said while smiling

He looks up from his phone and smiles "hey so you finished unpacking"

"Yep Michael helped me " he turns of his phone "oh that's good at least some one helped "

"Yeah I heard that they were fighting over who wanted to help me " I shift my body into a more comfortable spot

"Yeah... They are just like that sometimes but there still best friends so they have there good moments too" I smile "good" some one comes in and sits on the couch

"Hey Cal- oh hey Ally I didn't see you there" I gave him a 'what the fuck' look because he literally just sat down right next to me

"Hey Ashton what do you need?" Calum says while getting up

"First of all your sister is scaring me with that look right now and second I need my phone back " I smirk a little by his words

"Here you go and by the way Jessica texted twice " Ashton takes his phone and immediately looks at the text I look at Calum curiously

He mouths to me 'Girlfriend' I nod my head and lay on the couch as Calum and Ashton leave I sigh and start to fall asleep

I wake up later and it's already dark "great" I mumbled to myself I walk into the kitchen to get something to eat

I see Luke sitting down on one of the stools so I sit next to him "hey Luke why are you up so late?" He turns to me "oh um hey yeah just couldn't sleep " I nod at his response and I get up and go to the fridge "oh Ally here just have the other half of my granola bar " I smile and take it "Thank you Luke " I sit on the counter cause I was to lazy to walk back and Luke sits next to me "you ok?"

"Yeah I was just thinking about something " I say as I eat the bar he puts his hand on my shoulder that is closest to him "Ally I have a question " I look at him " What is it?" He sighs and hops down "um uh never mind never mind it's fine " I hop down too "oh um ok I guess I'll be in my room " I start to walk away but then he pulls me back and gives me a hug I smile and then go to my room "goodnight Luke"

I close my door and I change into some sweats and a big t-shirt I lay on my bed and immediately become bored so I listen to some of my favorite bands after awhile I fall asleep once again because I'm lazy!

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