I'm just a bad girl (5 seconds of summer)

So your twin brother Calum is going on a tour with his band and you are so excited to come with but what if you fall for one of the bandmates? What if one of them fall for you?


2. Chapter 2

Ally's POV

I bring my bags into my room and start un packing 'I guess you made a good impression by sleeping in front of them on the plane yeah nice going Ally always screwing up when you try and make friends '

My thoughts get interrupted by a knock on the door "Who is it "

"It's me Michael can I come in?" I get up and open the door for him "hey ally I wanted to know if you needed help with unpacking "

"Sure come in"

Michael sat down on my bed and grabbed a box "to be honest Ashton and Luke were fighting on who got to help you and Cal is trying to break them up " he chuckled "so I just came and yeah here I am now "

"Okay then " I said with a little laugh

We talked for a while and unpacked all my things we mostly talked about the boys

"Thanks for helping me Mikey!" I hugged him and he left the room he said that we would be the best of friends

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