I'm just a bad girl (5 seconds of summer)

So your twin brother Calum is going on a tour with his band and you are so excited to come with but what if you fall for one of the bandmates? What if one of them fall for you?


1. Chapter 1

Ally's POV

I woke up this morning to an alarm clock blasting in my ear at least on the tour bus there won't be on!

That's right I Alison Hood is going on tour with my brother and his band 5SOS! I can wait to see all these exciting places.

Even tho I haven't met any of the band members except Calum I'm sure I'll be fine.

I get up and walk downstairs and see Calum at the counter eating cereal "Hey buddy " I say with a smile

He looks up and sees me

" Hey sis good morning" then he goes back to his cereal. I get some cereal too and sit down as soon as he gets up

"Make sure your ready in a hour so we can leave for the airport " he says before walking away

I nod to myself and finish quickly then I get my outfit on and I walk to the bathroom to fix my hair

When I'm done I grab my stuff for the tour and head downstairs. I see Calum waiting by the door "You ready Ally?"

"Yep ready " I say while popping the p then we head out to the car

I was excited and nervous. 'Will the band members like me? Do I look weird? Do they know about me?' So many thoughts in my head as we drove but I didn't care about them it was time to relax

Me and Calum talked along the way about the band and there songs and when we arrived we just finished our conversation

We walked into the airport and immediately Calum was greeted by 3 guys who I assumed were his band mates

"Oh yeah guys I want you to meet my sister Alison or her nickname Ally " Calum gestured to me and the boys looked at me happily

"This is Luke, Michael, and Ashton "

"Hey I'm Ally it's nice to meet you three!" I smile and shake there hands

Then we all talked until our flight was ready for boarding we got on the plane and I fell asleep as soon as we took off

I know I know I'm lazy and tired but you didn't wake up at 4 to catch a plane so

I feel a light tap on my shoulder and I groan sleepily until I open my eyes and I see Calum "We're Here sis " I smile and get up and get off with my stuff

We go to the tour bus and we all get extremely tired again but who cares we pick out rooms and thankfully I'm by myself

Luke and Ashton were sharing a room and Calum and Michael were sharing one too and I had on to myself which I have to thank my brother for!

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