Love The Girl

When a rebellious teenage girl is sent to the country to live with her uncle for the the summer,she meets this boy named harry but he had secrets she didn't didn't know that would out her life in danger..

please note this story is from my wattpad account so dont mind the jackiesunn part!


4. Chapter 3: Benny

I looked outside to see Leroy and my uncle outside talking as I watched an idea popped into my brain, as soon as I was done getting ready I grabbed my uncle's keys and went out the back door, quickly getting into the car and driving away. No way in hell could I stand being in that dirty place again.

As I started to drive down the cracked paved roads I spotted a hill that had a swing hanging from the bench that seemed familiar to me,I parked the car and walked towards the yellow swing,I then realized that it used to be my little hang out with Zayn and Ben.

I slowly walked up the hill ducking under the yellow tape, they never removed this tape since the accident. I sat on the swing looking up at the sunset,this was the place where we would always go to get away from our parents and just confess things. Our parents trusted us to here so we could come whenever we wanted,until the edge of the hill was cracking and before we knew it Ben ending up falling off the edge. They found his body 2 days later in a river his body was bruised and pale,his skin was so soggy that it peeled off when they touched him. my parents decided to move me away scared that would be my fate.

"Happy Birthday Benny..." I muttered as I slowly walked away from the swing,as I walked down the road a truck pulled up beside me.

"Get in Bambi it's gonna rain" Harry yelled out the window as thunder was heard in the distance,I shook my head and kept walking. He sighed and started to drive away right as I pulled my phone out it started to rain,I groaned looking up to see his car on the side of the road waiting. I jogged to his car,quickly getting in his truck. He smirked and started the truck.

As he started driving I noticed that this wasn't the way to my uncle's house

"where are we going?" I said looking out the window then glancing over at him.

"My house that is just up the street" he blurted out looking at me and then keeping his eyes fixated on the road ahead of us,I groaned and leaned back in my chair not bothering to ask why.

A few weeks later

"Oh come on amber it would be fun" zayn said pulling my arm to get me out of the car and into the shop,he wanted to give me a makeover cause my clothes were not for this type of area especially for painting and stuff.

"Grr fine but your paying for half of it" I scoffed in defeat,as he nodded smiling like a little child that is in the candy shop for the first time.

"Alright try these on" he said hyper as he put some dark and light clothing in my arms making me whine at the bright colors as he forced me into the changing stall

"Alright girl show me" he yelledI huffed and made me way out showing him while looking in the mirror.

"Soo? What do you think?"he squealed clapping his hands.

"It's quite good" I admitted

"Onto the next 3," he said pushing me back in.

(next 3 outfits)

20 minutes later

"Here goes nothing" I mumbled under my breath as zayn pulled into the driveway,as I gathered the bags the front door of the house opened to reveal my uncle holding his shotgun.

"Dinner's in the fridge" he said not asking questions as he waved to zayn as he drove away.


"Oh Leroy's brother is in the back working on the barn,think he could use some help and water I would do it myself but I hate kids" he bluntly said looking up at me,making me nod in confusion while putting the bags on the couch and take 3 bottles of water out. I grabbed 2 granola bars as well and went out to the barn to see a shirtless guy in black leather hat painting the barn blue.

"Hey, I brought you some water and a granola bar" I spoke out,making him turn and smile. It was harry.

"Already stalking me now?"I said laughing as I leaned against the wooden table that had the paint cans on it.

"Maybe" he smirked as he opened the water bottle and chugged the whole thing down as I did a mini clap making him laugh and hand me a paintbrush.

"So how long are you staying?"

"2 months," I said as I dipped my paintbrush in the paint can and kept painting.there was a little bit of silence for a while.

"Will you go to this sloppy joe place with me?" He blurted out making me smile while looking at him.

"Is that a date harry? If so then yes and I'm vegetarian but I will go anyway" I said

"Oh well we can go to a different-" I put my paintbrush down and smashed my lips against his to shut him up.

"Might need to do that tomorrow as well" he said against my lips making me laugh and dump my hand in the paint and put it all over his face making him gasp and throw paint at me making me squeal and hide behind the table and throw paint back,turning it into a paint war.

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