Love The Girl

When a rebellious teenage girl is sent to the country to live with her uncle for the the summer,she meets this boy named harry but he had secrets she didn't didn't know that would out her life in danger..

please note this story is from my wattpad account so dont mind the jackiesunn part!


1. 1: uncle

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"Hey Avery lets go" my friends yelled as they got on their black motorcycles while putting helmets on

"Ok i will just a second" i yelled back as i quickly went inside and went into my moms room to see her credit card on her dresser,without thinking i grabbed her card and made my way to car and getting in.

"Lets go bitches" my friend Sophie yelled excitedly making us cheer as i we took of to our hangout .once we arrived at that hangout we took beers out of the cooler we brung and started drinking and laughing,to be honest we weren't even supposed to be at this place since its someones property but we don't give 2 fucks about it.

"Can't wait to be away from my mom she's always going in my stuff and moving things" i annoyingly said as my friend passed me his cigarette.

"I feel you, just move in with your dad,dads are chill"he replied as i took a puff of it and blew it in front of me admiring the sunset.

"Well my dad was a basically a one night stand since he prob doesn't know about me" i replied back as i took another puff

"Hey get off my damn property you stupid teenagers" a voice yelled making us get up quickly,jumping on the motorcycles and speeding off.

4 hours later
"Im going miss you so much babe" Connor said biting his lip as he kissed my neck while biting it slowly,i laughed and rang my fingers through his hair.

"Im only gonna be gone for 4 months"i pouted kissing his lips,he chuckled and started making out with me making me wrap my arms around his neck and do the same. Just as i pulled away to catch a breath i heard police sirens making Connor stop and get inside the car,shortly me following him but when i reached for the door it was locked.

"Unlock it!" i yelled hitting my hand on the car window gently as the police lights came closer.

"Sorry babe"he yelled speeding off without me making me scream and kick his bumper and watch as the one and only officer duncan my mom's police friend come towards me with a flashlight making me squint.

Duncan knocked on the door while holding my arm.

"Did she tell you to spy on me" i said pissed off as we waited for the door opened.

"Yep" he bluntly said making me sigh and lean on one foot while we waited,then the door opened to reveal my angry mother.

"Caught her trespassing with her friends again,its the 10th time in 2 months olivia" duncan sternly said as he let go of me making me go inside and sit on the steps waiting to be cursed out by my mom.

"Im so sorry i will make sure this will definitely does not happen ever again" she angrily replied as he nodded. And went away as my mom closed the door

" i just got a call from Duncan saying that my crazy child has been trespassing on private property again!Are you crazy!" She yelled,i rolled my eyes while chewing my gum,then she smiled and looked at me.

"you know what since you been so "stressed lately" im going to send you to Paris the flight leaves tonight"she said looking me,i screamed in joy and started to pack and text my friends.

At the airport

"Oh hun im going going to miss you,your gonna thank me later on " she said hugging me and kissing my cheek,i exhaled deeply trying not to get to excited for paris

"i have to go paris here i come" i said going to the girl who checked my ticket and stamped it,as i passed the girl and started to head onto the plane,i caught a glimpse of my mother speaking to girl,i shrugged it off and headed to my seat.

"um sir could you help me with this" i said pointing to my 2 large carry on bags.

"Sure" he said and put it in the slots(idk what they called)i thanked him and sat down at my seat and buckled myself and waited for the plane to take off.

After the plane lands

"Mom are you sure you sent me to paris people have weird hats on and are looking at me" i said as people looked me up and down.

"No i sent you to texas to live with your uncle for the summer,you need to learn some respect and manners its for your good,i put some money in your luggage bye" she said and hung up on me,i stared down at my phone in shock and walked out of the airport pissed.

"Fucking asshole" i muttered as i looked around for my uncle,as i looked i heard a horn which made me turn to see my dad in a dirty truck,i slowly walked to him upset.

"I missed you,your mother is doing whats best now come on we are gonna be late for dinner" he said waiting for me to put my luggage in the car but i just looked at him making him roll his eyes. He picked up my luggage and put them in the truck and got in the car.

I groaned and opened the door and plopped on the seat making dust go everywhere making me cough.

"you should get a better truck" i said angrily while closing the door,he laughed and started to drive.

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