Loving You (Book 1)

This is book one of a seven story series, about a Gryffindor girl called Mya, this is at the time of the marauders (sorry if I spelt that wrong) . She falls in love, and doesn't do anything about it.


7. Valentine's day and Quidditch

Valentine's day had rolled around, quicker than anything I'd seen before. James had an idea of who he was going to ask, Sirius was wondering how he should ask, and Remus wasn't in the mood.
We were eating breakfast, when Dumbledore made an announcement, today was the the day of the party, but only 4th years and up were allowed to attend, unless the younger students were asked by the older ones. 

This  made James upset, but not Sirius, actually he looked relived, like anything. Remus was happy, which was strange actually, he told me about the party and was happy, now that he couldn't go he was very happy, strange.

We exited the hall, Lily walked up to me yet again, I took a few paces back, before responding to her presence.
"Leave me alone, jeez" I said.
"I, thought about what you said, and I'm going to  give James a second chance" she said.
"Really, great, whatever, but if you hurt him, your dead"
"Really your ok with this, thanks, Mya"
"Why wouldn't I be?"
"You stood up for him, like you liked him, like liked him"
"Really? No, I have my eyes on someone else"
"None of your business"
"Also, you know Snape-"
"Sev, what about him?"
"He gave me an obsession potion, for Christmas, say it was a luck potion,"
"So, if you drank it, you'd fall in love, with him"
"Not love, become obsessed"
"Ha, hahahahaha"
"You know what, stay away, from me and my friends, you big nosed animal, Evans"
She looked offended, and I walked away, straight to my next class. It was broomstick lesson, perfect, I wanted to be on the team, and now, I could, with lessons of course. It was with Slytherin so it was going to be ruined, but never mind. It was Mr Hooch, I heard his wife was pregnant with little girl, sweet huh?

Anyways, back to the lesson, first we had to stand by a broom on the right side, or left depending on what hand you write with. Then we hand to put our hand, high above the broom and say up, it took James once, Sirius three times and me twice, to get it up. Then we had to step and sit on it, a chubby kid with blonde hair flew up and up into the air, then crashed into the school and fell off his broom.

 Hooch had to take him into the hospital wing, almost immediately after he left, James flew into the air, swooping and swerving, performing tricks and all. Then Sirius went up and they threw a remberall at each other, pretending it was a quaffle. There was a ring above one of the towers and Sirius knocked the remberall right through.

I came up too, I got the remberall passed it to Sirius, he passed it back then I threw it and it went straight through the ring.
Sirius tried to knock it back in but I knocked it out kicking it to the other side if the field. We did this until Hooch came back out, he had been watching us through a window, he Saud we'd have been in more trouble, yet he found our skills, amazing, he told us we were too young to play, but to try out in our skills in the second year.

Lily was in our class, she looked fuming, we got so much credit and was told we had skills, even when we were being rebels, then she did for being good.
When we got down, she said to us, well James,
"Your heads so big, I wonder how the broom even took off".
The Slytherin's sniggered.
"At least we got credit, I mean if you had just got up into the sky, wait never mind, you probably fall off like the kid before" I shot back.
Now the Gryffindors sniggered.
She made a hmph noise and went off to Sev who was hanging out with other Slytherin's, and told her to bug off, they also called her a Mudblood. Which obviously caused her to be very sad, because she ran away, tears in her eyes.
James looked sympathetic, Sirius patted him on the back, and I had happy and sad feelings in my brain.

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