Loving You (Book 1)

This is book one of a seven story series, about a Gryffindor girl called Mya, this is at the time of the marauders (sorry if I spelt that wrong) . She falls in love, and doesn't do anything about it.


8. Filthy Mudbloods

I ran after James and Sirius, who ran after Lily, we ran all the way to the common room, and she wasn't there, she was in the girls dorm, which naturally meant I, the person who currently despised her the most, would have to comfort her. But for friendship too James and Sirius I did.

I opened the door and there was Lily, lying on her bed, crying her eyes out, the pain she felt, was so strong I could feel it, creeping up my spine.

"Hey, you ok?" I said sitting on my bed.

She gave me the nastiest, wettest look, ever, staring at me, and then put her head in her pillow.

"Lil, I-" I said before she cut me off.

"You what?" She said sadly.

"I, understand what your going through, but-"

"Don't you dare say you understand, you are pure blood, you don't have drop of muggle blood in you, so nobody teases you, or calls you name, you ignorant beast"

"Lil, I was a bully once, so I understand why Snape is doing that, to look cool, popular"

"Sev is better than that"

"My brother was in Slytherin, only for a year, before he was killed, he said, being a bully to Gryffindor, is the only way to be ok, teasing a friend, being mean to a friend in Gryffindor, makes you the coolest person there, Snape, is doing that"

"Well, that's, um, I'm sorry, about your brother"

"Its fine, I've had many losses in my life, struggling with them for years"

"Do, you want to talk about it?"

"Will it make you feel better?"

"Yes, it will"

"I'll start with my first loss, my Nan, I was five, lost her to memory loss, she forgot everyone she loved, for a random reason, she died a year after"

"Oh, wow, that's deep,"

"Yea, next loss was a cousin, I was seven, she was 25, she killed herself, she was consumed by losses herself, believed no reason to live"

"I'm sorry, that's wow, just wow"

"Next loss, I was turning eight, had a beautiful baby sister a week old, when my mother passed while in hospital, dad became a wreck, I looked after us, as an eight year old"

"Im so sorry, this must be hard for you"

"Yes, a little, I lost my brother, he died at age 11, we never knew why"

"Oh, wow, this is so wow'

"My last loss, was the worst, it was myself, I was nine, after my losses, I became ill, mentally and physically, my brain was consumed by a thing called depression, I became paler, skinnier, more broken, I stoped eating, and with my dad, broken too, my only help was my sister, she made me so happy, but it wasn't enough"

"Thats, really sad, how did you get over it?"

"When you are depressed, you never are well again, but my sister helped me, reading, writing, it helped me so much, but like I said, it wasn't enough, im still that girl, broken heart, trying to heal"

"Wow, im so, annoyed, I guess, that you didn't have help, I'm happy you told me, it is so, sad to see people, know people, who loose so much, sometimes the world is too hard in people"

"The world is fair, it treats those who deserve it, with greatness, like you, you became a witch, with powers, I was born a witch, but I didn't deserve it, the powers, son it killed me inside"

"Thank you for sharing, you really are too great to me, and im sorry for your losses, I wish I could help you, but I know of can't"

We left the common room, Sirius asked me what I did to help her, I just replied, shared somethings, that are, important to me, it always works.


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