Steven Universe: The Return of Homeworld!

When Homeworld comes to Earth, Steven will have to rescue all of the shattered gems so they can fight back! Read about Steven and the Crystal Gems in this Fan-Fiction! (New Chapter every Friday!)


4. Time Stopper

The gems interrupted blue topaz, because they saw floating gem shards. They quickly gathered them up, and tried to stick them back together. Then, Steven healed it. While she was forming, Steven asked who it was, and Garnet said it was Evenkite! (Evenkite floats in water.) The gems said to Evenkite, who was never on their team, to join them. She said no, but then, the gems convinced her to become free, how she always wanted to be! The gems asked if she could use her powers still, and she said yes. She created sound waves that the human ear can not even hear! After she stopped, the gems took their hands off their ears. They noticed that the homeworld gems had stopped. Evenkite said she had stopped time for the homeworld gems. The gems readied the light cannons and shot them at the blue diamond ship, right when time started back up again. She quickly yelled that she can only stop it for about a minute once a day. After the light cannons hit the ship, a piece of the ship fell off and before Evenkite could move, it fell on her gem on her back. It shattered again, even though the rock was tiny, Evenkite's gem was very weak after being shattered the first time. The gems gathered up the pieces again and tried to heal her again, but it didn't work. The gems would remember this said day for ages to come. Pearl was crying because she remembered rose used to love Evenkite gems and their power!

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