Steven Universe: The Return of Homeworld!

When Homeworld comes to Earth, Steven will have to rescue all of the shattered gems so they can fight back! Read about Steven and the Crystal Gems in this Fan-Fiction! (New Chapter every Friday!)


3. The Shards

Before the gems could even finish saying "um," the ground shook because the ship had landed in the ocean. The enormous blue diamond ship casted a shadow, covering all of beach city! Then, the gems saw more ships. On the right was a white diamond, and on the left was a yellow diamond! Then, suddenly, the gems saw thousands of gem shards dropping out of the ships. Blue topaz yelled to the crystal gems saying that they were dumping out all of the gem shards that were shattered during the first gem war. The ocean levels rose after all of the shards dropped, filling up the ocean floor. Blue topaz said, "This is a representation of how many gems were shattered during the war, and how many will be shattered in this war!" Blue topaz urgently said, " I would like to join the crystal gems!" Steven was happy that more gems were joining their team, but Garnet wasn't so sure. Pearl told Blue Topaz, "Yes!" Garnet saw this path in the future, but she didn't think they'd take this one.

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