I Senior high student who doesn't know about herself and a friend who is her protector and guardian gets hunt down by wolves. Will they survive? Let's go through they're life and explore it.


2. Chapter Two

(Still Nikki's POV)

I have been feeling weird lately and I don't know why. I'm becoming more of a night owl that a early bird. I have been irritated to daylight. I'm going pale and most of all my cheek bones are popping out! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!?

Alessia's POV

Nikki hasn't been going to school lately. I wonder why?

L-"Hey Alessia."


L-"Have you seen Nikki lately?"

A-"Nope. She hasn't even answered my calls and texts."

L-"I wonder why?"

A-"I'll come visit her flat later after school wanna come?"

L-"Sorry I can't we have band practice at Michaels."

A-"No it's fine I'll just go alone."

I'll visit Nikki later and check if she's fine. Every since Senior year had come by she has been changing. More likely since she turned 16. This doesn't make sense. I mean she never met her parents . No one adopted her. And I don't know where she gets all of her money? But we both have part-time jobs at McDonalds so maybe she gets all her money there? But who pays for her tuition fee? I HAVE NO CLUE AND I DONT WANT TO BE STRESSED OUT!! But I have to protect her. Being the daughter of a vampire is difficult and what more if she knows that her father is a werewolf and her mother is a vampire.

Nikki's POV

*ding dong* my door bell rang "Coming coming!" I said as I put on my slippers. I opened the door and I saw Alessia N-"Uh... Hey Alessia."

A-"Why didn't you go to school!?"

N-"Uh why don't we settle this inside."

I said letting her in. She laid her bag on my sofa.

A-"Why didn't you go to school? I was worried about you."

N-"I felt sick so I didn't go."

I lied. It hurts to lie if the person you hold dearly is right in front of you.

A-"I think you know something I don't."

N-"Well uh..."

I don't know how to tell her. Does she know?

N-"Well uh... I have been having some changes that's all."

A-"I know your lying Nikki."

Shit! I think she knows

N-"Alright I'll tell you."

A-"Those changes are part of you. So tell me."

N-"Ok hear me out. I don't eat that much like before, I'm turning pale, my cheek bones are popping out, I'm a night owl and I'm starting to like meat! Is that normal! I mean I'm a vegan but is tha-"

A-'Sigh' "Nikki I have to tell you something."

N-"What is it?"

A-"you never met your parents right? And you were never adopted right?"

N-"yeah. That's why I created a 'made up father'. Why are you telling me this?"

A-"Well it's difficult to say but your a vampire and a half werewolf."

N-"What!? I'm a hybrid of two different species!?"

What?! I'm a Hybrid! This doesn't make sense!

A-"I know it might be a shock but there are werewolves who are hunting you down. And once they do that they will claim you as there's and your mother gave me a duty to protect you from them."

N-"Do I drink blood?"

A-"No you only consume meat like your father."

N-"Who are this werewolves anyway?"

A-"We still haven't identify them."


N-"I heard howling!!"

A-"Get behind me and close the lights!"

I closed the lights and got behind Alessia.

N-"It stoped."

A-"False alarm."

N-"So what are you exactly?"

A-"I'm a war dog. You know like Cerberus the three headed dog."

N-"Yeah I know him. I read a lot of Greek mythology ok."

A-"Alright smarty pants."

N-"I'm scared."

A-"From now on I'll live with you."

N-"Ok night and shining armor."

Alessia stayed for the night and she will be moving tomorrow. This is all so sudden! Who are the werewolves that are hunting me? I guess I'll find out.

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