I Senior high student who doesn't know about herself and a friend who is her protector and guardian gets hunt down by wolves. Will they survive? Let's go through they're life and explore it.


3. Chapter Three

Nikki's POV

First things first what should a hybrid do? I HAVE NO IDEA! HOW AM I SUPPOSE SO KNOW!

A-"Hey I have a bad feeling with Michaels band mates."

Alessia whispered

N-"What!? Them!?"

What why them? They seem nice and all. And I kinda like Luke :3 don't judge.

A-"I don't you to go near them."

N-"But why?"

A-"Because your life is in grave danger!"

N-"I won't! And I won't fall for your delusions! Excuse me I'll just go to Luke."

I said as I stormed out.

Alessia and her weird delusions drives me crazy! Ugh!

N-Hey Luke!

L-Hey so what's up?

N-Nothing just chilling how bout you?

L- I'm just making some music that's all

N-Cool mind if I help?

L-Uh... Sure!

Me and Luke made music. I have to admit he's a pretty nice guy.

A- Nikki I can't afford to lose you! Neither your mom!

N-Say that to your delusions Alessia!

I just don't get her anymore! I'm full of it!

Luke's POV (Finally)

If I get Nikki to fall for me our plan would be a success. Michael just made Alessia to fall for him so that we could get closer to Nikki which was a great plan until I found out that Alessia is a War Dog. This made our task even more difficult.

Alessia's POV

I have a bad feeling about Michael and his boys. I mean I still love Michael but he has been changing a little by little. I'm starting to feel like I can't trust Michael anymore.

I'm going home alone since Nikki didn't feel good so she went home early.

The one thing that I hate the most during the night is that I'm not able to see but my senses are strong during times like this.

Someone is behind me. I need to move fast. I walked fast but the person behind me is faster. THE PERSON IS A WEREWOLF! The person placed a bag on my head so I can't see anything. I tried to escape but I can't. The person is to strong.

I woke up in a white room. "Where am I?" I asked "Your in a basement War Dog." A familiar voice from behind said. I recognize that name from somewhere "Ashton!?" "So you know me?" "Oh I know you well Merewolf." I said angrily. (Merewolves are like ex-werewolf or a wolf that can no longer server the king wolf) "Don't call me that!" Ashton said "You merewolves are no match on me!" I said. Ashton transformed himself to a werewolf. "Oh you bet I am." I said as I transformed myself to a war dog. Clearly I was more bigger than him 'cause my father is the hell's War dog and my mom is the War dog of the vampires.

We fought and I had several cuts in my face and on my shoulder. While Ashton had more deeper cuts but we have both perks. We regenerate FAST. I pulled my silver dagger that is only effective to werewolves. I cut through Ashton's left vital part. His thighs. He ran and it was time for me to escape.

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