I Senior high student who doesn't know about herself and a friend who is her protector and guardian gets hunt down by wolves. Will they survive? Let's go through they're life and explore it.


10. Chapter Ten

Grace POV

My sister doesn't like Ashton that much but I don't know why.

A I-Hey babe

Ashton said slipping his and around my waist

G- Hey

I said laying my head on his shoulder.

A I-Have you seen Calum?

G-Oh he's with Katalyna

A I-Oh ok. I'll leave them to it. ;)

I kissed Ashton's lips. We ended up doing a long passionate kiss

A- I should stop running into people making out

Alessia said.

G- Oh my goodness sis! You should stop doing that!

A-I know I'm sorry


Nikki's called out. Me, Ashton, and my sister wen down to eat

Nikki's POV

I called out everyone for dinner. Everyone was there except Luke.

N- Hey where's Luke?

A-I don't know

M-Oh he's at the garden walking around

N- ok... Go ahead help yourselves.

I said as I walked away out of the dinning room.


I was trying to find Luke but the garden was to dark. I tried lighting my finger tip. This is a perk of having a dragons heart. I lit a fire on my finger tip that was color purple.

I saw a strange figure by the fountain.


L- Oh hey Nikki.

N-Dinner is ready

L-Ok I'll be right there

Luke seems a little down so I went near him

N-Are you alright Luke?

L-I'm sorry Nikki.


As soon as I knew it Luke bit my neck. Those sharp fangs piercing through my necks vital part. His bite was poisonous that made me fall into a deal trance.

Alessia's POV

Nikki and Luke had been gone for an hour now. I better check on them

A-Excuse me

G-Where are you going sis?

A-To the garden.

I went out and walked through the dark garden. I wish I could see but it isn't full moon so I can't.


I called out but no answer


I called out but no answer either.

A-Why does this have to end this way.

I hate using my nose when I'm tracking people but it's the only way. I transformed into a War Dog so it would be a lot faster to track them.

Luke's POV

I hate lying to people especially to those who I hold dearly but I have to. I pierced onto Nikki's skin. She tried to call out for help but she didn't have the strength since I poisoned her but this poison won't last that long on her.

I carried Nikki's unconscious body. Am I suppose to give her to Max?

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