I Senior high student who doesn't know about herself and a friend who is her protector and guardian gets hunt down by wolves. Will they survive? Let's go through they're life and explore it.


1. Chapter One

Nikki's POV

I'm Nikki Maxine Clay a high school student at Maryland High school of Technology. I always aspired to be an inventor just like my dad. I'm at my senior year now and our prom is maybe in three weeks. We don't know who's gonna dance with who.

"Hey Nikki!" My best-friend Alessia said "Hey Alessia." I greeted. Me and Alessia have been friends since primary. She was there during my ups and my downs. She serves as a pillar to my life that I hold onto dearly.

A- "About the prom?"

N-"What about it?"

A-"Didn't anyone ask you?"

N-"No one did."

A-"How come?"

N-"I don't know and I don't give a shit."

I said as I stormed out of the cafeteria. It annoys me that every one thinks I'm a weirdo. But I'm happy that Alessia has someone to go with in the prom. It doesn't matter if go to the prom. No one cares.

I saw Michael approaching me

N-"Hey Mikey."

M-"Hey have you seen Alessia?"

N-"Yeah she's at the cafeteria."

M-"Oh ok thanks."

Michael is Alessia's boyfriend. I know they're cute. Michael has been hanging out with three boys lately and he barely even talked to Alessia.

In school I'm known for the being a talented girl but I barely even have friends. I saw the boys who were hanging out with Michael.

There was a boy who has a lip ring, blonde hair, ocean blue eyes. His style is in the rebellious side. Just the same as me.

There was a boy who looked Asian but he isn't. He's half Kiwi and Scottish (that's what Alessia told me). He had black hair, dark brown eyes. His style in nearly the same as the guy who has a lip ring.

And there was this guy who is short maybe the same height as me. He had brown shaggy hair. He's very muscular. Maybe he is the drummer of the band?

?-"Hey! Your Nikki right?"

N-"Uh... Yeah. An your?"

?-"I'm Luke. Luke Hemmins and this is Calum and Ashton.

N-"Nice to meet you guys."

The guy with a lip ring. His name is Luke Hemmings. Wow ok. The Kiwi and half Scottish guy is Calum and the short one is Ashton.

They're Michaels friends? They seem nice.

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