I Senior high student who doesn't know about herself and a friend who is her protector and guardian gets hunt down by wolves. Will they survive? Let's go through they're life and explore it.


9. Chapter Nine

Alessia's POV

A-Grace would you mind showing us the mansion?

G-Why me?

A-Just joking come let's go guys!

I said as we went out to the fields

G-This will be your training grounds ok just be careful with those roses they bite.

Grace said walking to a guy who just arrived


A I- Alessia!? What are you doing here!?

A- I should be asking you that! And why are you with my sister!

A I- She's my girlfriend ok!

A-Girlfriend!? Since when!? Grace why didn't you tell me!?

G-Sorry I thought you'll be angry so I didn't

A- It's ok Grace as long as he doesn't hurt you.

I said growling at Ashton.

A-Ashton may I speak with you for a moment?

A I- Sure

We walked over to the wall and talked

A-Why did you attack me that night?

A I- the queen told me to

A- it wasn't Max or Mr Clay?

A I- No it was Nikki's mother. She ordered me to do it so you both would come here


A I- She did this for your safety. You and Nikki. The fight wasn't suppose to be serious but it ended badly. I had to go to the doctor to aid my leg

A- I'm so sorry Ashton I didn't know

A I- it's fine I mean it's also my fault so yeah

A-ok... Now let's go back to the rest before they come up with weird delusions or stories

A I- I bet your right.

Me and Ashton walked over to the rest. I saw some people who I feel I have met before. Calum, Michael, Samantha, and Sandra. Oh boy this day is going to be interesting!!



Samantha [Sam] Vean

Hair: Dark brown, long waisted hair, likes to braid it

Eyes: Dark brown

Clothes: Skinny jeans, sweatshirt, crop tops, combat boots

Hobbies: reading, practicing swords

Dislikes: Bossy people, Sandra Brown

Info: Max fiancé, pure werewolf. Best friends with all

Max Clay (Nikki's brother)

Hair:Brown and shaggy

Eyes: Dark brown (Nikki's ocean blue)

Clothes: No shirt on (Most of the time), casual clothes

Hobbies: sleeping, bullying, playing the guitar, playing the drums

Dislikes: Nikki Clay, Alessia, Luke, Ashton, Grace, Katalyna

Likes: Sandra Brown, Michael, Calum

Info: Nikki's brother, associated with Sandra Brown, Jake Blane

Jake Blane

Hair: Black

Eyes: dark brown

Clothes: No shirt on (Most of the time), casual clothing.

Hobbie: playing video games, Sleeping

Dislikes: Nikki's Clay

Info: Boyfriend of Sandra Brown, hates Nikki's instincts, he hates everyone.

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