I Senior high student who doesn't know about herself and a friend who is her protector and guardian gets hunt down by wolves. Will they survive? Let's go through they're life and explore it.


4. Chapter Four

Nikki's POV

Oh shit! I never should have gotten angry at Alessia. This is all my fault. I cried on my knees

A-Nikki! Get of the window!

N- Alessia your fine!

I said as I ran towards her.

N-What happened to your face?

A- Cuts

N-Who did this to you?


N-Ashton? What did he do?

A-Can't explain but we have to go now!

N-But where?

A-To your mother.

N-My mother? What is se suppose to do with me?

A-I'll explain at the car just go down!

Alessia instructed. I went down and I saw Luke

N-Alessia a little help here?

A-What! I need some help here as well!

L-Hey Nikki. Where are you going?

N- Somewhere! And it's non of your business!

L-Oh really?

Luke transformed into a werewolf

N-Shit I'm dead meat!

L-Looks like you haven't been awaken yet huh?


A-Nikki! Concentrate! Your stronger than him!

Alessia said trying to catch her breath.

Luke fought with me but I regenerated fast.

My heart was racing but when all of a sudden my left chest stared to form marks. Those marks flowed through my arm and into my face

N-What's happening?

L-Shit the dragons heart! Guys retreat!

Luke and the boys left but I was still having this marks flowing on my body

N-Alessia! What is happening to me!? Help!

A-Shit! The stories are true then

N-What stories!?

A-No time to explain get in!

Alessia said. I hopped in the car hoping that no one is chasing us.


A-So you want me to explain it to you?

N-Yeah! And Now!

A- Alright here... Your father the king of the werewolves met your mom a princess of the vampires. It was tabu for the vampires to let one fall in love with a natural enemy of there's. So they kept your mom locked up. Until one day her stomach grew bigger. She had given birth to two babies twins to be exact but one was special. The one who was special was given the dragons heart and that's you. Your brother was just a hybrid. When your father knew about you. He gave you up for adoption.

N-But no one ever adopted me.

A-That's right. But your mom was paying for it all. Your brother didn't know about but... Here's the catch... He assigned merewolves and werewolves to hunt you down since he over heard your father talking to your mom through a device.

N-How do you know about this?

A-My dad. He sends me letters so I could protect you.

N-Ok this is all getting weird. Mind explaining to me about this 'dragon heart'

A-Ok... So when someone possesses the dragons heart they basically turn into like Naruto or something like that

N-C'mon Naruto? Wow you make me laugh. I mean I like Naruto it's just that I'm already 16 years old.

A-It's never to late right?

N-Fine just continue

A-You control a dragon that has been planted in you. That heart you have right now is not yours.

N-Not mine? How's that possible?

A-You died before when you were born so they replaced it with a dragons heart. You might develop your powers soon. But it takes time to control it.

N-I didn't know that possessing a dragons heart was this difficult. And I dint sign up for this!

A-I know just relax

N-Alessia I feel dizzy.

Alessia's POV

Nikki collapsed cause she felt dizzy. I should find us a place to stay for the night before we go travel to Scotland tomorrow

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