I Senior high student who doesn't know about herself and a friend who is her protector and guardian gets hunt down by wolves. Will they survive? Let's go through they're life and explore it.


5. Chapter Five

Luke's POV

I shouldn't have done that! I shouldn't have let her escape! Now Max is gonna kill me. I didn't want to hurt Nikki. It's because I like her. I want to keep her safe.

Ma- Luke! Why did you let her off that easily!?

L-Max I could explain.

Max punched me on my face. I should go and chase after Nikki

L-I'm leaving!

I said as I grabbed my bag and stormed out. I hate this shit hole!

Maybe they have gone to Andalea. (Andalea is the place of vampires at Scotland). How am I suppose to go there? I mean I could serve Nikki's family since I'm half War Dog and werewolf right? I could just track them using my nose.

I tracked them using my sense of smell. It stopped at a hotel. Here?

Alessia's POV

I smell War Dog.

A-Nikki get back.

N-What's wrong?

A- I smell a hybrid of a War Dog and a Werewolf.

I opened the door and I saw Luke standing on-front of me

A- what are you doing here?!

L-Alessia, Nikki I'm sorry ok. I was just doing my job

N-Enough lies Luke!

L-Nikki please hear me out!


L-Your brother Max he ordered me and the boys to capture you and give him the dragons heart and the prize was you.

N-How are you suppose to have me if I'm dead!?

L-They we're suppose to exchange your hearts.

N-No way!

L-I know it's a shock but please will you forgive me?

Nikki looked at me then back at Luke

N-Fine I think I could.

A-Ok now that's done you could go back to your lair now. Shoo shoo.

L- I have no place to stay.

A-Say what!?

L- I ran away

Nikki looked at me again indicating me to let Luke stay with us for the meantime


L-Oh thank you very much Alessia.

I let Luke in.

A- Are you part War Dog?

L- Yeah I am why did you ask

A- My dad had an affair with another War Dog and her name was Coraline

L-She's my mom.

Luke said with shame in his eyes

A-Say what now!? I mean I don't blame you but why do you feel so ashamed about it?

L-My mom had affairs with many guys but I was the only one alive. They're fathers have eaten they're babies once they're born but luckily your dad/my dad didn't eat me.

A-And your half werewolf. This doesn't make sense. My dad/your dad is a pure War Dog

L-They drained your dad/my dad's blood out of me but instead replaced it with a different blood. A werewolf's blood.

A-Your childhood must be rough?

L- yeah. So technically were blood related

A- Not quite. Since my dad's blood got sucked out of you we aren't related by blood but instead by genes


N-We better get some rest. I already bought three plane tickets to Scotland. And we'll lear first thing in the morning.

A-I'll just go to the front desk and get another cushion. Luke don't do anything that could harm her our let the dragon out.

I left them both alone at the room. Nothing could get wrong right? RIGHT?

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