I Senior high student who doesn't know about herself and a friend who is her protector and guardian gets hunt down by wolves. Will they survive? Let's go through they're life and explore it.


8. Chapter Eight

Nikki's POV

?- My daughter


?- how rude of me... I'm Vanessa Clay your mother

N-Wow I never knew I had a hot mom

V-(laughs) Come I'll let you meet your sister

N-Sister? I thought I only have a brother?

V-Step sister. I adopted her after you were born.

N- No one told me! Alessia!

V-Now... Now...

We walked through long corridors and people bowing down

V-Your the long lost princess.

N-Yeah I have heard.

Vanessa my 'long lost mum' opened a door that leads to a bedroom that I assume was hers and beside the bedroom; on the left there were two doors and on the right there were two doors as well. Vanessa led me to a door on the left beside a room that was blasting loud Taylor Swift songs

V-Don't mind her she's just making her self busy

Vanessa whispered. I just nodded.

I stepped in my room and I saw a queen sized bed, a study table, a walk-in closet

N-Wow this is huge.

?- So you must be Nikki.

A girl said from behind causing me to hit my elbow on the table

N-Yeah uh...?

?-My name is Katalyna but that's a mouthful you could call me Katly. Meow

N-I'm Nikki nice to meet you Katly.

K-I'm a pure vampire so don't mind me. I like to do stuffs by myself.

So fast as I could remember I met my mom, I met my step sister, and I'm going to Meet a girl tomorrow. We're just going to stay here at Andalea for two weeks.

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