I Senior high student who doesn't know about herself and a friend who is her protector and guardian gets hunt down by wolves. Will they survive? Let's go through they're life and explore it.


21. Chapter 21:TRICK

Luke's POV

I came up with a plan.

L-Guys I have a plan.

Ash-What is it?

L-so guys we will make a dummy.


L-let's say we'll borrow a body then return it

N-Isn't that against the law? If we break that we might get killed at the underworld.

L-it's fine... So back to the plan. Grace will control the dummy since she has sorcery powers. Ash and Michael will be standby or like lookouts they will be with the dummy. Alessia and I will guard Nikki.

A-Great sounds like a plan

G-There's one problem though

L-What is?

G-I could only control the person from a range of 3feet from the person.

L-It's fine we'll find a way.

We set the stuffs on place. We dug up a bunch of bodies since we didn't know which one was still fresh.


I said laying the bodies on the floor

G-That's a lot! I only need one!

L-You need a fresh body right?

G-Yeah! And you just need to get one by looking at their tombstone! Didn't you look at the date they died!?

L-Oops I think I kinda left that out

A-Never mind that just get controlling!

G-Nikki come.


G-May I cut you?


L-What's that for!?

G-So that the body would smell like her!

Ash-But this person doesn't look like any of Nikki.

G-That's why I need her hair


G-Ok now were all settled.

N-Wow this person just looks like me!

I could see Nikki was so amazed by it.


M-In place

L- Ashton?

Ash-In place

L-Ok don't act to suspicious ok

M&Ash- Yep got that man.

L-we need to save Calum since he's under Katalyna's control. We need our Calum back.

L-All set? Grace?


L-ok... Alessia and Nikki just stay were I could see you ok

A&N- Yep Luke

Our plan went clean. They captured a fake me.

N-Luke someone's calling you

Nikki said handing me my phone.


?- Hand over me Nikki and your mother will be spared.

I dropped my phone when I heard those words

My mom got captured.

N-What's wrong!?

L-My mom got captured.

Heartless creatures. I stormed out.

I was walking alone then all of a sudden I got captured.

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