I Senior high student who doesn't know about herself and a friend who is her protector and guardian gets hunt down by wolves. Will they survive? Let's go through they're life and explore it.


20. Chapter 20: Suspicions

Nikki's POV

Me as Luke followed Calum since he was acting suspicious. He led us to a garden.

I saw him talking to a figure and when you look closely it looks like a girl.

L-She looks like Katalyna.

Luke whispered

N-No that's impossible she dead. Right?

I said. I looked a little more closely and I saw Katalyna.

N&L- But she looks like Katalyna.

Me and Luke said at the same time.

N-I'm gonna tell the others.

I turned around to go back to warn the others.

Luke's POV

Nikki went back to warn the others.

This girl definitely looks like Katalyna. But how? She's dead!

C-Katalyna in so glad that your alive!

Calum said hugging her.

K-Ok great Calum but we don't have any relation ship ok. What I need you to do is capture Luke so that he could be our bait and I'm sure Nikki will save him and that will make it a lot easier to get Nikki's heart.

Katalyna said.

I turned around but due to my clumsiness I stepped on a twig

K-Someone's here.

Shit! I messed up!

I quickly sprinted through the thorny bushes. I saw Katalyna smelling around.

K-No ones here.

She said.

I took one last peek of them and I saw them making out.

I quickly rushed inside the hotel to warn the others.

L-Guys! Were in danger!

I warned them

A-Yeah Nikki told us.

L-No! They have a plan to capture me and make me as a bait and take Nikki's heart out.

I explained

N-What's so important about my heart and why are they so depressed on having one!? They have a heart of their own!!

L-When we get out we need to stay together as a pack. No one leaves the group ok.

M&Ash- Yes sir.

I need everyone safe. I don't want anyone getting hurt anymore. This sucks!

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