I Senior high student who doesn't know about herself and a friend who is her protector and guardian gets hunt down by wolves. Will they survive? Let's go through they're life and explore it.


18. Chapter 18

Luke's POV

Nikki blacked out due to exhaustion. Me and Alessia came to her aid.

I looked at Nikki's right wing and I saw a cut. Alessia raged and fought with Max. I could she that she was so strong that her eyes were burning on fire.

S.V- Max stop! That's your sister your hurting! And when you hurt your sister so does her friends!

Samantha said.

Max- Shut up Samantha! I could dispose of you anytime!

Dispose? What does he mean? I though they're engaged?

Samantha raged and transformed into a war dog. They fought and Max got hurt badly and Samantha took Max away.

S.V- you won't be seeing him in a long time.

Samantha said

A- Thanks Sam!

Alessia said.

I looked around and I saw everyone hurt badly. Ashton broke his left arm, Michael broke his left leg, Grace broke both of her legs. They all got hurt trying to save Nikki.

Me and Alessia carried Nikki to the van and Alessia drove since Ashton can't. Nikki woke up by the time we have reached the airport. We were all going back to California.

M- The prom is on Saturday next week.

Michael said

L-Oh yeah. I haven't even chose a tux yet.

A.I- Don't worry man I got ya covered.

Ashton said patting my back

L- Thanks man.

I looked over to the other side and I saw Alessia, Grace and Nikki talking and laughing.

"We are about to take off please buckle your seat belts." The pilot said.

All the passengers buckled there seat belts.

We all arrived at California.


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