I Senior high student who doesn't know about herself and a friend who is her protector and guardian gets hunt down by wolves. Will they survive? Let's go through they're life and explore it.


17. Chapter 17

Calum's POV

I told Michael that I would like to stay behind and be with Katalyna before we leave.

C- Hey Katalyna. I will miss you.

I said crying.

C- Before I leave I would like to say this.

Before you died the ring I gave you was a witch craft one. I don't really know what is it but yeah.

I said. I threw a white Rose on Katalyna's casket and left.

Nikki's POV

N-Bye mum bye dad.

I said as I hugged them

A-Come on Nikki let's go we might miss the plane!

Alessia said.

I ran towards them and hopped in the car.

L-Were going back home.

Luke said.

I looked back to look at the mansion one last time and in shock I saw Max chasing us.

N- Ashton drive faster!!!

I warned him

A- What's wrong!?

Alessia asked


I shouted.


A-SAMANTHA!? What's she doing there?

Alessia asked

I saw Samantha fighting with Max. I thought.

Ashton pulled over and I stepped out of the car.

Max came and grabbed me by my shirt collar.

L-Let go of her!

N-Luke don't get any closer he's dangerous!

Max- All of you! If you get any closer to her I will tear her to smithereens!

Max said. I was trembling with fear.

Luke transform into a dragon, Alessia and Grace turned into a war dog, Ashton, Calum, and Michael turned into werewolves

Max- Oh you want to fight me aye? *whisle*

Wolves came storming around and surrounded me and Max.

Max transformed into a huge wolf I never seen him in his wolf form.

I wanted to rage but I might kill more people. But I can't help it I still transformed into a dragon.

I cut through Max face but he regenerated fast. I tried to to fly but he cut my right wing.


I screamed. Alessia and Luke came to my aid but I blacked out due to exhaustion.

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