I Senior high student who doesn't know about herself and a friend who is her protector and guardian gets hunt down by wolves. Will they survive? Let's go through they're life and explore it.


15. Chapter 15

Luke's POV

I stood up saying that I'm alright after my black out. I saw someone tying to approach me but I warned that person

L- Don't come any closer!

I warned. The person ran back to where she just went.

L- Nikki I'm not done!

I said grabbing her attention. She looked at me like she was hungry.

N-You have lost Fire Dragon.

L- I don't care if I win or lose! All I want is Nikki back!

I said. Tears were falling from my cheek.

N-She's long gone!

L-No she's not! She's there!

I quickly ran up to the wings of the dragon and jump onto the head of it. I couldn't just grab Nikki out. She'll die if I do that! So I whispered to the dragons ear.

L-Nikki I know your in there. Please listen to me. I know we haven't hang out much lately and I know we just have met but I feel like ever time that were together I feel like the world is not moving it's feels like time stops when I'm around you.


L- Nikki remember our first kiss at the motel? It was great! I hope we do that again without anyone interrupting us.


L- Nikki I love you!

I confessed. The dragon released Nikki causing me to fall from above. It doesn't matter if I'm hurt. All I want is to make Nikki safe. The dragon went back to Nikki since that's her soul. Dragons feed upon human soul. I quickly ran to Nikki who was on the floor.

L-Nikki! Please wake up! Please!

I cried. She wasn't breathing and no sign of a beating pulse.

I did CPR on her but she still didn't wake up.

L-Please. Nikki I can't lose you like this! I love you!

I sobbed

N- *cough* *cough* hi.

She said smiling at me. A huge smile quickly grew on my face.

L- Did you hear anything I jut said?


L-Ok great.

I sighed.

Nikki pressed her lips against mine.

N-I love you too my fire dragon.

She smiled.

Finally everyone woke up from they're deep slumber that Nikki had cast on them.

Nikki quickly ran towards Samantha. Samantha pointed at the bodies of what seems like a dead Alessia and a dead Katalyna.

Nikki's POV

I did this!? I DID THIS!? I killed my own friend and my sister! But why!?

I cried on Alessia's dead body and I hold onto Katalyna's hand

N-Why did you have to end up this way!? WHY!?

I said still crying. I treated Alessia like a sister. She was there during my ups and downs, she was there during my award ceremony, she was there to support me. All my life she had been there. But the only person I had see cared for is dead.

I still continued crying but when all of a sudden Alessia woke up.

A-Hey Nikki. Why are you crying?

N-It's nothing.

I said wiping the tears from my cheek. We all still felt sad because Katalyna was dead. Even though she was a pure vampire she still got hit through the heart.


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