I Senior high student who doesn't know about herself and a friend who is her protector and guardian gets hunt down by wolves. Will they survive? Let's go through they're life and explore it.


14. Chapter 14: EPIC BATTLE

Luke's POV

I heard lighting and thunder coming from the Lost woods. I hope it's not what I this it is. I turned around and went back to the woods. I hope it's not Nikki. I hope I'm not to late.

I saw Nikki floating

L- Hey! Nikki!

I said trying to grab her attention.

She looked at me

N-And who might you be? I sense another presence here?

L-I'm Luke Hemmings! I'm a Fire dragon!

N-Old friend it's been so long... Hope you didn't forget about our last battle.

This is not Nikki. The Nikki I know had jet black hair thy was smooth and ocean blue like eyes that was piecing with happiness. But now the Nikki standing on-front of me was nothing more than a blue figure of the lighting dragon.

N-Show me what your could do.

She said offering a duel. I quickly accepted it. All I could think about was to bring Nikki back to normal.

Nikki opened her wings and I saw sharp blades on the ends. And the body had a silver armor on and Nikki was inside trapped in liquid substance. She was controlling the dragon unconsciously.

This is going to be a lot tougher that I thought.

I let the fire dragon took over me but I could control him still but for me I was conscious.

I opened my wings and flames came rushing on the ends and a yellow armor formed to protect me.

Me and Nikki fought for a long time. Lucky for her she was fast at regenerating. So my cuts are still fresh and they haven't healed yet.

I cut through Nikki's face causing her to have one herself.

L-So what ever I do to her head affects her to.

I mumbled to myself.

I quickly knocked out Nikki but her tail hit me so I fell to the ground. I counts feel my left leg and my right arm I think I might have fractured them.

My field of vision went black. I fell into a deep trance.

Samantha's POV

I was about to head over at the lost woods when I heard swords clashing, explosions, and roars and it seems like the war have started.

When I arrived at the lost woods I was shock to see everyone on the floor asleep or unconscious. I carried them one by one. I saw Sandra and Jake so a asked for help. They helped me carry the unconscious bodies to a safe place but when I was about to pick Alessia up I saw a burnt patch on her clothing. I checked her pulse but no sign of a beating one. She can't be dead can she?

I carried Alessia to safety. I rushed over to the others and I asked.

S.V-Is it that everyone?

The smoke cleared up and I saw a body beside the ritual bed. I rushed quickly to see Katly's body on the floor. I saw a burnt patch on her shirt and checked her pulse. She's dead. Katalyna's hair turned from blonde to white meaning that she had died.

I quickly got her to the others.

I saw a figure standing up form the corner and I quickly rushed over to help but he warned me not to.

?- Don't come any closer!

I was shocked to hear who this person was. It was Luke.

Why would he do such a stunt?

The smoke cleared on the other half and I saw Nikki and her dragon. Nikki was unconscious so Luke will have difficulty fighting her.


ITS SO SHOCKING THAT KATALYNA AND ALESSIA GOT KILLED BY SOMEONE CLOSE TO THEM :'( Oh I forgot to mention about the agrees of the characters.

NIKKI:age 16 (human age) 116 (vampire age) 106 (wolf age) 1116 (dragon age)

LUKE: age 20 (human age) 200 (vampire age) ??? (Wolf age) 2000 (dragon age) (lol so old)

ALESSIA: 17 (human age) 107 (War dog/ wolf age)

KATALYNA: 20 (human age) 200 ( vampire age)

THIS IS THE RANK DEPENDING ON THEIR POWERS [i won't included the king and queen]













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