I Senior high student who doesn't know about herself and a friend who is her protector and guardian gets hunt down by wolves. Will they survive? Let's go through they're life and explore it.


13. Chapter 13

Katalyna's POV

I have snuck out of the mansion without my mother knowing. I saw Calum alone so I approached him

K- Hey.

I whispered dice their were wolves lurking around. Good thing my combat clothes could block the smell of my blood.

C-I have to tell you something

He said dragging me to a place far away from the area.

Calum knelt down and reach out for his pocket and pulling out a ring. I just stared in shock and joy

C- Katalyna Alexander Clay would you marry me?

Calum proposed.

K- Yes.

I whispered as tears formed on my eyes. I can't believe this was happening.

Me and Calum eavesdrop on Sandra and she was talking to a guy. I overheard their conversation since I have super hearing.

S.B- Jake! Why did you tell Max that I was friends with them!?

J- Babe it feels like you have been pushing me away due to this 'so called friends' of yours!

I took a step closer and by accident I stepped on a twig

S.B- I heard something

J-Me too.

Jake approached us but Calum stepped in

J-Oh it's just you Calum

C-Yeah what's wrong?

J- I thought I heard someone.

Thanks Calum. I said on my mind.

I walked a little more and I saw Nikki's body lying on a ritual bed. They were about to cut Nikki's skin but I interrupted them

K-You don't have to do this Max! You know she's your sister

M-Don't get in the way dimwit!

He said as he pushed my to the side causing me to fall. I quickly got up and took my dagger out and pierced through his left shoulder

M-You asshole!

He screamed

Nows my chance! I quickly ran towards Nikki's body and took my dagger out

K-You come right close and I'll kill her.

I said trying to scare him

M- Now... Now... Why don't you put the dagger down so that I could forgive you and your sins.

He said trying to convince me but he failed to

K-No! I'd rather burn in hell rather to be with your nasty group!

I shot back. I saw Max getting pissed.

Nikki's body arose from the bed. She let out lighting bolts. A lighting bolt hit Alessia from behind causing her to die. She let out smoke that made all of the people fall into a deep trance but I covered my nose. I looked around to see everyone on the ground and I looked at Nikki then I got shot by a lighting bolt.

K-My time has come.

Those were my last words

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