I Senior high student who doesn't know about herself and a friend who is her protector and guardian gets hunt down by wolves. Will they survive? Let's go through they're life and explore it.


12. Chapter 12

Nikki's POV

I woke up to the sound of people chanting.

N-Luke where are we?

I asked but Luke didn't answer

?-Well well well... I guess the princess is awake.

A mysterious voice said

N-Who are you?

?-Oh she doesn't know.

He said and everyone started to laugh. I tried opening my eyes but I can't. I forcefully tried to open it then all of a sudden it opened. A witch cast a spell on me so I couldn't see and so basically my eyes were open but it was just blocked by something. So dumb.

N-Who are you!? Why do you look like me!

?-Haven't you heard about your brother?

N-Are you Maxione Clay? My long lost brother?

M-Finally. I'm sure you heard about me haven't you?

N-I Did! And what kind of brother are you if you keep your sister hostage?

M-Ok this is getting out off hand. Continue the ritual!

Max said. Every one danced while I was tied up on a ritual bed.

Little by little I was weakening and my field of vision became blur.

Katalyna's POV

Me, Calum, the queen, and Sandra were left behind while Grace, Ashton, Alessia, Michael, and Samantha went on the search of Luke and Nikki.

K- What are we gonna do mother?

Q.V- We wait.

C-Wait!? How could we wait if Nikki's life is on danger!

K-Calum calm down there no need for that.

My hair changed from pink to black meaning I was depressed

C-Sorry... Your starting to be depressed because of me.

K-No it's not you it's just that I'm worried about my sister. Even though it was just a week I feel close with her already.

Q.V- Katalyna I'm sorry but I can't send you out there it's to dangerous... Not yet

K-I know mother...

Guard- My queen we have some information!

Q.V- what is it?

Guard- We received information from a war dog. They said that they have found the princesses location.

Q.V- where?

Guard- Lost woods of Amphis my queen.

Lost woods! Why would they bring my sister there?

Q.V- Calum! Sandra go!


Q.V- No it's to dangerous!

My mum said going to her throne

I snuck out of the mansion and followed Calum and Sandra. I know it was wrong but I have to save my only sister.

I changed my clothes to my combat suit so it was more comfortable.

I teleported to the lost woods and I saw them draining her powers. She looked dead.

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