I Senior high student who doesn't know about herself and a friend who is her protector and guardian gets hunt down by wolves. Will they survive? Let's go through they're life and explore it.


11. Chapter 11

Luke's POV

I can't help it but I have to do my duties and serve Max or else he'll cut my mothers head off. I can't afford to lose anyone anymore. How am I suppose to do that if I'll hand Nikki to Max? Wouldn't she die during the proses of taking her heart out? I mean it's her heart to technically she would die right?

Oh god what have I got myself into.

Ten minutes later Nikki woke up

N-Luke where are we going?

L-Somewhere. Just hang in there ok?


I'm also in grave danger around her. If she rages she will turn into a beast that everyone fears of. The Dragon of Tears. It said to believe that The Dragon of Tears are one of the most dangerous dragons since their tears are poison but to who ever prays or worship the dragon will be granted eternal life but it was just a myth. My sister die worshiping the dragon. She gained powers beyond her control and that was the cause of her death. But I'm not sure if Nikki holds that dragon because that's what Max want. He wants the Dragons of Tears heart.

I finally reached Max's lair. I saw him sitting on his throne with a disappointed look.

M-Your late!!!

L- S-Sorry.

I said bowing down

M-Lay her over there.

He said pointing to a ritual bed.

L- When will it happen?

M-Later... Midnight. Go home! Before anyone suspects!

I went home hoping that no one will be there. I walked on the sidewalk with my hoodie on hoping that no one will notice me. I don't like lying to the people I hold dearly. I lied saying that I was a werewolf and a half war dog but the truth is that I am a vampire and a half wolf.

?- where did you take Nikki!?

The person said pressing a wooden stake on my left chest

L-W-Who are you talking about!?

?- Don't play dumb Luke!

I recognize that voice from somewhere


A-Where did you take Nikki!

She said pressing the stake with much force creating blood to drip.

L- Lost woods of Amphis!

Alessia took of as soon as I said that. I pulled the stake out of my chest. It burnt my hand.

L- Shit! She put ginger all over it! Ahhhhh!

I screamed pulling the stake out of my chest. It was burning inside and my hand was burning.

How did Alessia knew about who I really am? Could she read minds?

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