Life with Jacob sartorius

A girl Victoria helps Jacob sartorius get revenge on the bullies that picked on him and On the way he gets help from Justin Bieber.


2. Meeting Victoria Jacob pov


She hugged me as tight as she could so I hugged back I mean for a 13 year old she is pretty nice 

Victoria-it's ok I promise Ik times get hard but they will get better and Ik bully's like to pick on kids but it gets better and Ik when I was getting bullied ppl would tell me all the time it will get better and I didn't believe them but it does get better Jacob I promise. She said with one arm around my back and the other on around my neck. 

Jacob-I don't know what to do they pick on me every day And it's getting to the point where i can not go anymore. i say looking at the stars in her eyes.

Victoria-it's fine you got me now.she said softly with a smile.

Jacob-I can't even walk out of my moms car without being bullied I don't see why they pick on me. I whispered in her ear with my arms around her waist


Victoria-do you want me to help you 

i didn't say anything to her i just looked at her

Victoria-Jacob they are just jealous of you bc they might not be able to have many friends like you or they may not have that much  money or they may just be spoiled rich kids but that still doesn't make it ok for them to do that. She whispered back in my ear at this time we have been in this hug for about 10 minutes now and I am trying so hard not to cry

Jacob-Victoria what do I do?i asked knowing that I was giving up and i just started to cry.

Victoria -revenge if you want.she said running her hand through my hair. 

Jacob-revenge ya that's what I'll do. I said with a smile on my face 

Victoria-do you want me to help you?she asked.

Jacob-you would do that? i say looking at her  with the tears falling down and hitting the floor and you could hear every time they hit it was as if  the floor was shaking.

Victoria-yes i would.she said with the sparkles lighting up in her eyes and wipes the tears off of my face. 

Jacob-alright then thhx so much it means a lot.i say hugging her with all i could.

victoria-dang jacob you are strong.she said braking the hug.

jacob-oh sorry. i said letting her go.



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