Granger Guilt

Heromione Granger is accused of the murder of Cormac Mclaggen, her former boyfriend. Everyone thinks she did it since she was seen with him last. will any one help her? Will the golden trio think she's lying? How will she prove her innocence?


44. authors note...I

hello people of movellas!!!!!!!!its me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i hope your reading this because it has a capital I at the end. so the next chapter is the last chapter but i may or may not make another book  for after this but it will have a time skip called Malfoy Miscoundut it will mostly be draco's pov like in this one it was mostly heromione's pov. 3 things could happen. 

1. draco's story could be like right after the war where he is guilty of being a death eater

2. it could be after this one(im really not sure)

3.or it could not exist 

so yha.... i hope you liked this story!!!!!!!




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