Granger Guilt

Heromione Granger is accused of the murder of Cormac Mclaggen, her former boyfriend. Everyone thinks she did it since she was seen with him last. will any one help her? Will the golden trio think she's lying? How will she prove her innocence?


39. 35

I suddenly sit straight up in bed after a few hours of drifting in and out of consciousness! I have a plan. 


We all sit in the drawing room and I am about to tell everyone the plan. "So as we know Ron is working with them. So he must know who is behind it all. So I propose we get Ron to tell us." I say getting straight to the point. "Well how do we do that?" Harry says. "Well he has to keep up appearances. He works at St. Mungo's, and unless he wants everyone looking for him he must be coming to work. Therefore one day after work we can grab him and bring him back here. And harry or Ginny can tell his boss thy planned a surprise vacation for him so he won't be coming to work to run off and tell Bellatrix and Greyback we aren't far behind them." I say smartly. "I think it's a very smart plan. However, do you know if Mr. Weasley will tell you who is doing this he must have some sort of deal with them. And seeing who he is friends with you know he is loyal. So wouldn't he feel loyal to them. Otherwise he wouldn't be working with them." Mr. Malfoy asks. "Harry and I have known Ron since we were eleven and Ginny has known him forever. I should like to think he will be loyal to us." I say."Very well then. Sounds like we have a plan." Harry says. "Obviously Ginny and I will go to get Ron we we will tell him we are taking him out o eat and then Ginny will go tell his boss he's taking a leave of absence and then we will bring him here instead. And we can keep him in the cellars so he does not escape.""So do we all agree tomorrow is the day?" Draco says speaking up.There is a chorus of agreement and I smile as I reach for Draco's hand. I feel sparks run through my body as our fingers intertwine into each other.

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