Granger Guilt

Heromione Granger is accused of the murder of Cormac Mclaggen, her former boyfriend. Everyone thinks she did it since she was seen with him last. will any one help her? Will the golden trio think she's lying? How will she prove her innocence?


4. 3

 I had already given up hope, before I even stepped foot into

the courtroom. When we walked into the courtroom I wanted

to die. Cho Chang was the lawyer here to persecute me. I

could I look her in the eye. She thinks I killed the man she

was in love with. He was on his way to meet her to tell her

they could finally be together with no hiding. And she thinks

I took that away from her. "Ms. H.Granger to the stand

please!" I hear Kingsley Shackabolt call out. He was like a

father to me after I had to obliviate my parents memories,

and now he is going to send me to Azkaban. "Ms. Chang

you may begin." Cho nodded to Kingsley. "Ms. Granger

what were you doing last night?" Cho asked with a tearstained

face and her words dripping with malice. "I was working late,

when I got a surprise visit from Cormac   said truthfully "Why 

was Cor.... He there?" She asked getting all chocked up.

"He came and surprised me with dinner, and we stated talking

about our relationship and we both agreed we were better as

friends." I said. "Or He thought you would be better as friends

and you got angry? So angry that after he left you followed him

and killed him in the alley two blocks from the Ministry Of Magic."

She said her voice rising. "Of course not! We BOTH agreed. I

was going to break up with him anyway, he was cheating on

me with you." I blurted out. "So He was cheating on you so you

wanted revenge. To make him pay for breaking your heart." She

insisted. "No! We both NEEDED to break up. When we got together

we were both grieving over the war. We helped each other. Last

night we both came to our senses and realized that it was time to

move on." I raised my voice. I hadn't looked at our situation like that

until now and it was true. "We all know how much aggressive miss. 

Hermione Granger has gotten through the war. It's as if something

inside her logical mind snapped and last night she hit her breaking

point." Cho pointed out a scary glint in her eye. "No further questioning

Minister." She says walking back to her desk. I am ushered to a chair

behind a desk on the other side of the room where I sit until I hear,

"Defendant rise for the verdict." I rise from the chair and my heart

drops when I hear the words Kingsley speaks, "I find the defendant

guilty, her sentence will be a lifetime in Azkaban in the Death Eater/Killer

Wing. Take her away." I had no reason to live if I was going to be in

Azkaban for the rest of my life. Then all of a sudden I realized; I didn't

do it. Everyone will continue to think I did it unless I find out who really

killed Cormac. I waited for my best chance to escape which was when

we are about to go into a tunnel that connects with Azkaban but it is also

outside the ministry so I can apparate. When we reach that point I kick

and punch the arours holding me and it gives me just enough time to

apparate without them grabbing me. And in that moment I know two

things; I am free and I will find out who is framing me.

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