Granger Guilt

Heromione Granger is accused of the murder of Cormac Mclaggen, her former boyfriend. Everyone thinks she did it since she was seen with him last. will any one help her? Will the golden trio think she's lying? How will she prove her innocence?


16. 12

I decided to walk from Malfoy's house since the arours can track the Floo and I really do not have the stomach to apparate right now and it's just as safe to walk as it is to apparate. I have been walking for three hours when I decide to take a break.I had just sat down and I notice there is a note with a knife stuck in it to keep the note on the tree. I very carefully read the note careful not to touch it. Sometimes you can put a charm on an object to trap someone. 

"My dear Ms. Granger, 

I am so sorry for your terrible misfortune to be wrapped up in such a complex notion. I must say it distressed me to hear that you could no longer stay with the young Mr. Malfoy. He was so devoted to help you find the killer of your wonderful friends. I must say it was a pity they could not live any longer they were just in the way of my ingenious plan. I hope you have the best of luck in our little game. And dear I have a feeling you will be wishing you had not left the only person who believed you behind to fend for himself. Draco will be a test run to see if I can make any adjustments to make your suffer the worst it can be. Deary he was your only means of protection and once again it's your fault. Enjoy your time while you have it." 

After I was done reading the letter all I could think about was there was a psycho out there killing people all for a game. That was sick. I was about to take of running in the direction of the Malfoy estate when I hear a twig snap behind me. I quickly turn around with my wand at ready. I was about to fire a speak at a tree when Draco comes out from behind the tree."Oh thank Merlin your okay!" He acclaims pulling me into a hug. " I'm so sorry for what I said I wasn't thinking and was just caught up in the moment. I'm so sorry!""Look it's okay but we have to get out of here!" I exclaim "Why? What's wrong?" He asked sound a little suspicious."That" I say pointing to the letter knifed to the tree. He starts walking toward it to read it but all I do is grab him and apparate back to the mansion before anything bad could happen.

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