Granger Guilt

Heromione Granger is accused of the murder of Cormac Mclaggen, her former boyfriend. Everyone thinks she did it since she was seen with him last. will any one help her? Will the golden trio think she's lying? How will she prove her innocence?


1. 1


It has been three years since the terrible battle at

Hogwarts. I still have nightmares about it. 

After the war the Golden Trio, Harry, Ron, and I,

we were offered any job we wanted. Harry was

offered the position of Minister Of Magic. He

turned it down he wanted learn under the guidance

of the Minister, Kingsley Shocklebolt. So he is now

head auror. But he didn't go out to many of the missions

after he married Ginny and the had baby James. Ron

had seen enough of death after Lupin, Tonks, Mad Eye,

and Serius died, so when Fred died something snapped.

He started working at St. Mungos as head healer! After

the war we realized we didn't love each other the way

we thought we did. It was completely brotherly and

sisterly love. He recently got engaged to daphne

Greengrass his head nurse. She also happened to

be one of our worst enemies when we were in school.

I can tell she loves him though. I became one I the

greatest arours there has ever been. The war changed

everyone before the war I was a verbal peacemaker.

After watching my friends die I am still a peacemaker

but decided I would be more active in helping people.

I am currently dating (about to beak up with) Cormac

Mclaggen. I know he's cheating on me with that Ravenclaw

lawyer Cho Chang. I've known for a while I just haven't had

the time to tell him I know.

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