Alone and Corrupted

Sequel to alone and afraid,
Myla takes on the mantle of becoming, someone, no, something else.
A death eater.


1. Who or What?

'I will use my anger, and bloodlust to kill,
I will never have mercy,
I will be feared by the boy who lived,
And my death with curse whoever killed me'

That was the oath, the thing that changed my life.

There was darkness, there was no light, not anymore.

This year was my fifth year at Hogwarts, and its my last year too.

I couldn't stand seeing Harry again, knowing that one day, I would have to kill him. Get revenge for making me weak, for giving love, love that  I didn't deserve.

Why he loved me so much, I dont know, but I cant love him back, not after he gave the dark lord power last year. Now the dark lord can control me more, because he entered the tri-wizard tournament.

Well he said he didn't, but his name was called, so he must've.

Anyways, now that the dark lord is all mighty again, he has the power to possess me and make do things, things that even wizards aren't able to do.

He could bend my body back through time, he could do so much to me, now that he has full control of me.

What can I do?


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