This is a Ninjago fanfic. GREENFLAME AND BRUISESHIPPINg. ~ Summary- Remember how Zane gave his life in the end of season 3? What if it wasn't him, What if it was another ninja?


4. Waves

"Ugh! I told you we shouldn't have worn them!" Cole says as we stand on the dock, following the fortune cookie's instructions. It's midnight. We look around to see a man in white, a girl in green, and a man with skin as gray as smoke.
"The tournament of Elements. Do you think they all have powers like us?" Zane asks. I recall my conversation with my father from earlier

~flashback brought to you by Baka Lloyd Captain of Soup~

"Dad... Our Elemental power... are there others out there with powers like us?" I ask, trying to get as much information as possible without giving us away.
"Why would you ask?" His tone is suddenly serious.
"No reason." I say, turning away. "It was just in my mind." Just like a certain red ninja that I plan to save. My father looks at me with anger on his face. His eyes flash to the takeout box next to my bed. His expression hardens. I start to sweat, thinking that he may have found out. "Well, gotta go! Early bird gets the worm!" I say with as much pep as I can muster. The second I'm out the door, I realize that I had left my rod inside. I mentally face palm.

~flashback OVAH~

"When I asked my dad about it, he got really suspicious... Like there's something he's hiding from me." I say the last part with anger. Anger at myself for being so blind as to believe that we were the only ones with power, and at my father for not telling us.
"The cookie said tell no one or else there'd be consequences." Cole points out.
"Relax! We're c-cool" I say with completely fake confidence. All I can think about is Kai's face... It's throwing me off. I have to stay on guard... For him... For me... For the others. My mind is set.
A ship's horn sounds as the steam boat comes to shore. The gangplank is dropped, and a man in a gaudy purple outfit walks over to us from the boat.
"We don't know yet if this is a trap... Wherever they take us, we have to stick together. No secrets, we can't afford to have blackmail to give to other contestants. We're here for one reason and one reason only." I tell them. They nod in response. 'Oh god. He's so close! I.. NO LLOYD! STAY FOCUSED!' I think.
We walk up to the boat, and Jay is the first to pass the man.
"Master Chen will be charmed that you accepted his invitation. A master of Spinjitzu shall fare favorably in his tournament." The man says.
"Hey! We're not here to fight!we're here to save a friend." Jay says defensively. I would be mad at him for giving away our purpose, but I'm guessing that this man already knows about Kai. If they hurt him...
"Mmm don't be so petty, master Jay. Everyone has something to fight for." The man declares, pulling Jay's nunchucks out of his bag. Jay's already labeled a troublemaker, I'm sure of it now, for trying to sneak in a weapon. And of course, he tries to use a stupid cover up. How did he become a ninja, anyway?
"Haha, chopsticks.. I-I'm a big eater!" He says. The man simply throws the nunchucks overboard. "Huh.." Jay then walks on board, along with the others. I am the last one.
"Lloyd! Wait!" I hear a voice say from behind me. It's my father. "If you get on that boat, you may never return."
"What are you doing here, Dad?" I ask him.
"Master Chen is a dangerous man who should never be trusted!" He says. I understand that. I DO! I just want my fire back! IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK? "Whatever he promised you, do not believe him!" He stresses.
"Lord Garmadon. It's been a while. It's.. Sensei now? I can't remember." The man says, turning away and back to the boat, climbing across the plank.
"Clouse." I guess we know his name, now. "I see Master Chen still has you running his errands." My father retorts.
"I have to go, dad. This is about Kai!" I say, trailing off. "I-It's about family." I express. I can tell he sees how broken I am, basically a bottle smashed on the side of a highway. He knows I need Kai back.
I continue. "If we're ever going to be whole again," If I'M ever going to be whole again. "I need to get on that ship." I say.
"Last call." Clouse says, smugly. "Are you in... or out?" He asks, though it seems more like a statement. I turn to the ship, away from my father and walking across the gangplank.
"I can't stop you, son... Good luck." He says to me, with fear in his eyes as the ship pulls away, separating me from my father once again.


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