This is a Ninjago fanfic. GREENFLAME AND BRUISESHIPPINg. ~ Summary- Remember how Zane gave his life in the end of season 3? What if it wasn't him, What if it was another ninja?


11. Flashback

Hey guys! I know that the last chapter wasn’t very action packed, but this one is. It doesn’t really advance the plot, but it does give some information on what Cole was talking to Jay about a few chapters ago *wink wink*. ENJOY!!

~Flashback to 7 year old Cole~


                “Mom!” Little Cole laughs with glee, his black hair shining in the evening light. His mother, Lydia, walks out the front door, smiling at her little boy’s antics while she closes the door behind her. “Let’s race! First one to the park wins!” He shouts, starting to sprint across the cold earth. Lydia runs up behind him, and picks him up at the waist, laughing.

                “Sorry, sweetie! We have to go food shopping before daddy gets home from practice.” She explains to the now grumpy boy who is now standing on the ground. He crosses his arms and stamps his foot.

                “But I don’t wanna go shopping! I wanna play!” He complains, not understanding why they need to go shopping so late. Lydia just sighs. She knows how much Cole hates being inside. He spends as much time as possible being outside, usually just sitting in the dirt and grass, building sculptures out of rocks.

                “If you get in the car, I’ll make sure daddy doesn’t make you practice tonight.” She smirks as he runs to the car, buckling himself in. Lydia climbs into the driver’s seat in the dwindling light. She starts the car, and pulls out of the driveway, to get to the local supermarket


~Time skip brought to you by apple flavored bleach~


                “Cole, can you please slow down? Help mommy with the groceries.” Lydia pleads her rambunctious son, who is running around the sidewalk. She is pushing the metal cart filled to the brim with plastic bags containing enough food for weeks. Cole obeys and runs back to his mom, and hangs onto the cart as she pushes it. They reach the car. And begin to pile the bags into the car.

                Once finished, they climb into the car, Lydia in the front, and Cole in the back. “Buckle your seatbelt.” Lydia reminds Cole.

                “Yeah, mom.” Cole sassily rolls his eyes, but obeys.

                They pull out of the market parking lot, and begin the drive home in the dark. An icy rain has begun to fall, so she slows down to stay safe.

                “So, what should we make for dinner, tonight?” She asks him, even though she already knows what he’s going to say.

                “CAKE!” He yells excitedly. Lydia laughs, closing her eyes. She opens them quickly. Her windshield wipers are going at top speed to fight off the icy rain.

Suddenly, the car swerves when it hits a spot of ice on the pavement. Lydia turns the wheel to try to regain control, but it’s no use.  She closes her eyes and waits for some sort of impact.

“Ahhhhh!” Cole screams, fearing for his and his mother’s lives. Soon, there is a huge jolt, followed by the car alarm, and the smell of gasoline. Cole unbuckles his seat belt to check on his struggling mother. She has tears in her eyes and blood blooming from a gash in her forehead, made from her head hitting the windshield.

“Cole!” She says through gritted teeth. “You have to get out of the car. I-I’m stuck under the air bag. I smell gas.”

“N-No! I’ll get you out!” Cole says, tears in his eyes as he hopelessly tugs at his mother’s shoulder.

“LISTEN TO ME! YOU ALWAYS LISTEN TO ME! DON’T STOP NOW!” She screams at him. The smell of gasoline increases. Cole scurries through the door in tears. He stands in the rain by the window as Lydia struggles to undo her seatbelt. Cole looks down the road, and sees headlights coming his way. But not fast enough. Suddenly, the car explodes, and young Cole is blown backwards.  He lands on his back, the air getting knocked out of him, and pieces of glass becoming buried in his chest.

The car that was coming arrives moments later, and seeing the scene in front of her, she quickly calls 9-1-1.

911, what’s your emergency?”  The operator asks the woman.

“There’s been a car explosion on route 368 east of Ninjago city…” She explains the rest.

“Okay, m’am. I have dispatched the emergency services. Please remain calm. Stay on the line”

“O-okay” The woman stutters, fearfully. Fire is blooming from the car, smoke filling the sky. She looks on the ground in front of the car, and notices Cole. She gasps, and runs to his side, picking up his bloody body and taking him to her car. She peels up his shirt and gasps at all the glass pieces buried in his chest.

“What happened?” The dispatcher asks her,

“There’s a little boy… He was outside the vehicle and he has glass all over his chest and stomach. He’s bleeding a lot.”

“Okay. The ambulance should be there in about a minute. Can I ask your name?”  The dispatcher asks.

“Misako.” The brown haired woman says. Cole is staring unblinkingly at the ceiling of the car. His hand is twitching. The siren of the ambulance is loud and clear as it pulls up to the frightening scene, followed soon by a fire truck and police cars.

“The ambulance is there, now. I’m going to let you go, okay?” The dispatcher  says, gently.

“O-Okay.” Misako replies, then ends the call. The first responders have approached her car, are now asking her questions, which she answer to the best of her ability. One puts Cole on a gurney and pushes him to the ambulance, lifting him in, and closing the doors. A firefighter runs up the first responder still questioning Misako.

“There was a woman still inside. We pulled out the body. It’s burned pretty badly.” He says. She can’t understand what comes out of the man’s mouth next, because she has already jumped back into her car, and started the engine. She can’t handle what’s happening. It reminds her of leaving her own son. She’d answered all of their questions; she’s done.

~Time skip brought to you by blue raspberry flavored bleach~


At the hospital, the doctors take off Cole’s bandages, revealing dozens of scars, ranging in size. Cole doesn’t care. He wants his mother. He doesn’t cry, or scream, or even gasp. He doesn’t react to his father’s hand on his shoulder. He just stares blankly at the wall.

A few days later, the doctors allow him to go home. The second he arrives, he jumps out of the car, runs from his father, and sits in the back yard. He slams his fist into the ground, and is startled when small spires of rocks rise around him. His father walks out of the house to his side, not noticing the small rock spikes. He puts his hand on Cole’s back.

“You’ll be okay, son. We’ll be okay.” He says. Cole just nods. He can’t trust his voice.




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